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To All The Pride People, We Are Proud Of You And The Way You Portray Love

Let's Begin With #PaintMePride

Remember five fingers are different! Why give someone's love a terminology of judgement? Why? They are the same as we are! They love with emotions and desire the same. If they haven't been mean to us, why are we being so judgemental towards them? Hurting cannot be fun ever. Stand together and unite as humans.

LGBTQ topics have been circulating since a long long time ago. We humans are social animals and our love is immaculate and it has its right to choose the one it desires. Be it a love that you seek or a love that you found. The love that makes you dive-in to the depths of emotions is the only form of love we care and share.

What if a person isn't straight? What if a person is gay or lesbian or bi or transexual? What's with the term straight? THEY ARE THEIR KIND OF STRAIGHT! How does it bother anyone of us? They walk on the same land and alongside us. Why make their love an issue or their way of life an opinion?

"Only if you knew love was all we need to live and feel abode in each other's soul." - A Mixed Nerve

Why do they have to rally? Why do they have to show their pride? Why think it is inhuman and not acceptable? Why think it is immoral?

There are so many questions, so many theories, so many ideas and so many ideologies. But at the end why is there a discrimination?

Things that divide us from LGBTQ Community are our respective notion of love. Our eyes perceive the same as everyone but it is the mind that takes a toll and judges others. Our idea of love is so influenced by the societal idea that we more often forego the love that is within us.

Let's not judge anymore!

Think About The Pride Movement! Why Is It Called So?

June is the month of Pride movement all over the world. LGBTQ community and people supporting them take on the pride movement seriously and in order to show that they are happy the way we are.

They stand for their right to equality and yes, they deserve it. Why won't they? Being a human is all it requires to have your equality and having a personal choice is what defines you. You don't have to walk with the crowd. Walk against and form the pride that you feel.

Pride is what you live for, your own way of self-respect.

Homosexuality is as old as Heterosexuality

They are the same as we are. Both the forms of sexuality originated at the same time. There is no difference other than heterosexuality is more popular and has become normal whereas homosexuality was kept suppressed. But not anymore!

"You and I, we are the same, the colour and the love, the life we lead and the place we live in, is all the same and there is nothing you and I have as a difference. Remember me, if I am alive so are you and if I have my right to love, so do you." - A Mixed Nerve

Why Are We Proud Of You:

1. Because you don't fake

We adore you for the respect and love you have for yourself. We adore the way you believe in your love, the way you reciprocate it. We feel the way you feel about yourself. We understand the pain you suffer in the society but remember we are with you and your love is yours to cheer and we will celebrate the same.

2. Because you are more compassionate than the ones who hate you

We know it is hard to take all the hate inside and still show the loving side. We know the hatred that people show and the compassion you reciprocate. We know it is difficult to lead in this society but the way you stick with each other shows the kindness and the feelings you have for each other.

3. Because you love in the truest of its form

You don't care about the world but your own love and we respect you for that. The only love that we know of is the one that is from the heart. The love that you portray and take pride in, is the love that the world needs.

Love, in itself, is a feeling that unifies everyone and everything. It is certainly not something that would be instrumental in giving rise to discrimination. We are proud of you because you don't give in to the societal way of loving. Your love is like rain, it gets everyone and everything drenched, regardless of who they are.

4. Because you believe in you

Not all have the self-esteem as you have. We are proud of your pride and we believe the soul in you, the one true energy that calls us all to believe and reciprocate the love, kindness, and compassion.

Pride is something you have always inside and you feel good about it. When the world tries to suppress you, you show the same pride in your acts of hope, peace, and equality. We are here for you and in support of the way you are. We believe in your pride and we are proud of you. Remember you are not alone and you have us. The love you show is the love we reciprocate.

Let us unite hands this June in pride of our humanity and in pride of our LGBTQ community and the ones who need a hand in the dark. Let's unite and show the world, love has no boundaries, no race, no sex, no religion, no countries, no game and all it takes is two pure hearts to feel as one. Let's respect the love we see and feel.

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