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Relationship Goals Couples Crave To Complete

By Soham Senapati

"Any day spent with you is my favourite day" - winnie the pooh

"No relationship is perfect and I know I'm far from being perfect but as long as you try I'm willing to stay through anything" - unknown

Commitment in a relationship is seen through the happiness of the couple. It is a need for a deep and meaningful bonding with another person.

Relationship goals are a wonder for a couple who are madly in love with each other. They tend to create certain goals that they wish to achieve as couples.

Together it is seen, couples are capable of doing just about anything, giving their relationship a certainty of achieving dreams.

I have got a list of relationship goals for you that can help you reach the epitome of love that your relationship offers.


1. Keep Each Other Happy:-

Making each other happy in anyway possible is the best relationship goal as per what a study states. Keeping it simple and happy is every couple's wish. If getting an ice cream and sharing from the bucket itself with one spoon, makes your partner happy, do it.

2. Support Each Other's Own Goals:-

A relationship is about individuals coming into a bond to share their lives with each other. But that doesn't mean one needs to take their personal goal away from their prioritised list. As a couple support your partner into achieving their own goals. This makes up for a perfect couple.

3. Do Something Brand New:-

Go ahead and enjoy the new movie at the theater, or visit a new restaurant, perhaps try a new sex position. These are some ideas to let you think of what new ideas can you bring to your relationship.

4. Learn Your Partner's Mother Tongue:-

This is a new thing to do as couples. Not everyone gives that much importance to their partner's mother tongue. Try learning and speaking with your partner the language he/she uses to speak at his/her home. This makes your relationship become stronger even.

5. Talk About Healthy Boundaries:-

A very important and crucial relationship goal is to share healthy boundaries in between couples and letting them know about each other preference and dislikes. This helps couples in knowing each other in and out letting an unbreakable bond be formed between both the partners.

6. Volunteer For Something You Both Like:-

Do something together that makes you both happy. For example, if both of your are animal lovers, head to the nearest animal rescue centre and volunteer for some work over there, if you both are into social helping,then head to an orphanage and spend quality time with the people there.

These are some ideas for you to think and apply. You can make your own too, but remember to do so, for this brings an inner core bonding between you and your partner.

7. Be Open About Your Thoughts And Express Yourself:-

Don't suppress your thoughts but express as much as you can. Let your partner know what you want and ask the same from him/her. This creates a relationship with no wall of doubt, distrust and guilt. This lets anger stay away from your relationship. Every happy and stable couple should exercise such goals.

These are certain realtionship goals for all couples out there to have a life they desire being with each other.

"Give each other the love you both desire and if you fall short, ask the Sun and Moon to let you have some from their end." - A Mixed Nerve

Hoping to see happy couples all around with smiles and cuddles.

If you feel this article has missed out on some points, please mention them below in the Comment.

Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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