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Reasons Why Daughters Are The Closest To Their Father

By Tanya Ruia

"No man can ever love her as much as he does." All the girls would agree to this. If sons are close to their mother, daughters are the closest to their father. No man can ever beat the love of a father for his daughter.

Anyone can become a father, but it takes the soul to be a real father. One cannot just be a father without taking up the paternal responsibilities.

The pain of bringing up their girls for years and after nurturing them like a baby plant, someone else claims to love them and takes them away for the rest of the life.

This article will fall short of why a daughter is always going to be the most precious thing for a father, but to make your Father's Day week special, we have brought together the most important and relevant reasons which every daughter can relate to.

Let's see what are those reasons that make daughters the closest to their father:

Father And Daughter Bonding

Yes, while sons are the mother's adorable ones, daughters are always going to rule father's hearts. It is always said that the opposites match, yes it follows here too. Fathers are more inclined towards their daughters and daughters are always inclined towards their fathers because of the same.

Protection Level

Fathers are always more protective about their daughters. They always have a fear of losing them to some other man. They make sure no harm ever comes to their little butterfly. They know how men are both good and bad. They are protective that neither a good man shall love them more than him nor a bad man shall harm them at any cost. A father is always protective towards their daughter as compared to their son.

Daughters Are The Priceless Jewels

A daughter is always considered to be as the asset of the father. A father never takes anything from the daughters, rather keeps on giving her the entire life. A father always considers his daughter as the asset of the lifetime. No matter how rich or poor a dad is, but if he has a daughter, he always considers her a priceless jewel. No gold can beat the worth of a daughter.

Daughter's Marriage

Since the day a daughter is born to a father, he dreams of his daughter's marriage and giving her hand to someone else. Just imagine you nurture a daughter for years, consider as a piece of your heart and one day you have to give her away to someone else. Though every father dreams of it, still he is always afraid and sad to do it. What if he did not choose a good partner for her or what if he is not able to give her away to some other man.

What Is Home Without A Girl Child?

Not only fathers, but the entire family loves it when a girl is born. A girl in the family is not only a father's dearest but everyone's apple pie. Since the day a daughter is born, everyone is excited to nurture her, grow her up, educate her and then get her married. It becomes the entire family's dream to see her in the getup of a bride. A daughter is considered as the wealth of the house.

So Much Fun To Dress Up A Daughter

Everyone in the family is more excited to dress her up as soon as she is born. When a daughter is born to a father, the father is so much more excited that he will be shopping such fancy kinds of stuff for her. He is always excited to get her new things and clothes. Unlike sons, daughters are never boring to play with and dress up with.

Success Stories Of A Daughter Make Her Father Proud

Whenever a son achieves success, the father and the family is not as much happy and cheerful as much happy when their daughter achieves success. We all know that the son would probably do something or the other or help their father in the business, but it is the proudest moment for any father to show it off to the world that his daughter has achieved something. Not only the father, but everyone feels proud whenever the daughter makes a success.

Always Saving Father

A daughter plays the role of a referee between a father and a mother. Whenever parents feel that they are falling out of love, the daughter gives them a reason to love each other more. When a father and a mother divulge into an argument or fight, the daughter always saves the side of the father and becomes the referee.

Words will always fall short while defining a father-daughter relationship.

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