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13 Most Attractive Things About A Woman That Attracts Men

By Soham

Every woman has her own charm. Women always have their ways to attract the attention of a guy. Sometimes, without any intention, these charms work their way out.

No matter what guys are doing or where they are, just by watching a group of girls happily chatting or having a cute girl passing by catches their attention.

There are some things that men find quite attractive in a woman.

Did you ever think why men turn around and glance for more than two seconds every time they find a woman attractive?

This is indeed a question that must have aroused your curiosity by the time.

So, let's find out the 13 most attractive things about a woman that attracts men.

1. Confidence

Your confidence matters to a man. Men find a woman with intelligence quite sexy and attractive. The way you talk or carry yourself makes a huge difference. Your confidence plays a big part in it.

A confident woman is noticed more than a woman sans confidence. Confidence shows a lot of attributes about a woman.

2. Calmness

Men hate the drama and things associated with it when it comes to a woman. They prefer women who are calm in nature and behavior wise are relaxed.

3. Intelligence

A woman without the brain is as empty as a hollow cylinder. Men find it attractive when women speak their heart out with rational points. An intelligent woman shows ambition and is well educated. This attracts a man towards her.

4. Longer Legs

Men prefer women with longer legs. This is a physical attribute that they love to notice.

5. Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are rare and rare is what men get attracted to. Men find it irresistible.

6. An Older Appearance

Men normally find women attractive who look a bit more mature than their age. A little older appearance of a woman easily grabs a man's attention.

7. Irresistible Attitude

Attitude makes a person and in case of a woman, her attitude attracts a lot of men. Having a positive attitude gathers numerous attention from men. This is a trait that normally men find highly irresistible and makes them approach.

8. Hair

Yes, there are a lot of men out there who first see a woman's hair. Men get attracted to hair, as it beautifies a woman's persona. Hair plays a great deal of looking attractive. Men often pay attention to women who have a nice hairdo.

Hair is one of the women's biggest assets when it comes to attracting a guy. They play with their hair or run their hands through it, or move their long locks from one shoulder to the other with their hands to reveal their neck while making eye contact with the guy and that makes a woman appear more attractive to the eyes of a man.

9. Curves

Your assets play a vital role in gathering a man's attention. Men get attracted to a woman who maintains her physique.

Men cannot stop but admire a woman who has got the right curves in the right places.

10. Sense Of Humour

Men and women both get attracted to the sense of humour. And in case of women, they don't have to make a man laugh but just enjoy the little things that humour provides. This makes them more attractive in the eyes of men.

11. Mysterious Nature

Men are curious in nature and revealing all the mystery to them makes a woman less desirable. Rather, holding on to the mysteries and being mysterious gets you the attention of a man, as men find mysterious women to be way more attractive than a normal woman.

12. Attire That Suits

Wearing something that goes in the trend and with you, makes you more desirable than the others. The sense of dressing is important for a man to consider a woman to be attractive.

Wearing appropriate dresses on any given occasion can help you notice a lot of curious eyes on you, especially of the men. This is because men get attracted to the way you dress up.

13. Glasses

Men find it attractive when women with long hair wear glasses. It makes women look irresistible. Men get attracted to this easily.

There are so many other little things that men find sexy and attractive about a woman. But for now, these 13 most attractive things about a woman that attracts men should be a good start to read a man's mind and get his attention at the same time.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 17:10 [IST]
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