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Love And Pain. Catering Human Needs From Ages.

By Saaransh Arora

At times, we separate from someone whom we used to love. It is because of the amount of pain they cause. Even the pain of letting someone go is a harsh reality.

The pain of leaving someone is immense and cannot be expressed in words or through the pages of ink.

We do not care about what we say and take people for granted and this, in turn, causes, at times, a dispute in between two people.

The words we use while we speak, at times hurt the ones we love and then when we try to ask for forgiveness, we seldom are granted. For once the damage is done, it can never be taken back and then we regret our own words. The love you once had can never be restored and the relation can never be the same as it was.

Love is the most powerful feeling and can make you do anything for the one you love, but when the relationship breaks, it creates a lot of pain for the two of you to handle.

Love And Pain. Catering Human Needs From Ages.

1. Missing the person you love the most

When you love a person and he/she is nowhere near you, that feeling makes you feel the importance of that person in your life and the pain of not together keeping coming back to you when he/she isn't around. Love can make you go through the best and worst. Missing the person you love the most can drag you to the cliff and just throw you down, giving you the clarity of the pain.

2. Breaking up with the one you cared for

The feeling of not caring about the one you once cared the most, is a feeling one can never get used to and it hurts you every day for the rest of your life, even in your subconscious mind.

Making new friends and meeting acquaintances is very simple, but leaving the ones you cared the most about is a hefty task.

3. Fight with your parents

In this era, it is very common for teenagers to fight with their parents even for the stupidest matters and later regret the decisions of yelling. Not only parents but also the children feel bad at a later stage for their wrong decisions. Parents go through the pain of their children hurting themselves, as they are always thinking about their children despite the difference of opinion they have. Later, these children feel sorry for not listening to their parents earlier.

4. Making bad decisions

Everyone in their lifetime has made some bad decisions that they regret. And these decisions are the ones that haunt them for the rest of their lives and, at times, it shatters them completely.

Decisions like following a bad habit, which affects you in a negative way, can never be reversed. Such problems stay with you lifelong and never leave you and the person suffering has nothing but regret all through his/her life. Such decisions affect not only the person it happens with but all the people close to him/her, especially parents.

5. Death of someone very close

Death is a phenomenon that has to happen and none can escape from it. It brings immense pain to the near and dear ones.

Loss of near and dear ones is the saddest moment of one's life and the person takes a lot of time to recover from his/her pain. Such things are the worst, as it hurts the most to see people grow with you and then leave you in the midway of the road to death.

Pain can be of several types; but one should make decisions which they would not regret in the future and should also never be shy to ask parents for help, as they are the biggest supporters and will never give any wrong advice.

Listening to parent's opinion before making any decision comes handy, as they have a better experience of situations. Also, they give solutions which always are in your favour. It might sound wrong at that point, but it always proves to be better in the long run.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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