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Intimate Questions You Can Ask Your Dating Partner

You have been dating for a long time and now it is about time you start getting to know your partner in a deeper sense.

Intimacy is the path of every desire. Intimacy makes you grow fond of each other. It not only helps but also gathers the required sensual connection between two human beings.

While dating, we always try to be sophisticated and classy. We also tend to crave for the connection that is physical. But we often fail to initiate such an intimacy.

Let me help you here!
There are certain questions you can ask your dating partner, though not on the first date. These questions should be asked once you have been on at least 2-3 dates.

These questions need to be put very subtlely and not abrupt at all, else it will look like you are being a cheapster.

Let's dig deep right into the lair where the questions lie.

Intimate Questions You Can Ask Your Dating Partner

1. If all of your friends were asked to describe you, which friend's description would be the most accurate and why?

2. If you can be any character in a book, who would you choose to be?

3. If all of life's constraints were gone, what would you want to do every day?

4. Tell me your ideas and views of romance.

5. If there is only an idea of love, what would it be?

6. What about me stands out the most for you?

7. Do you have needs in your life that are not being met? What can I do to help with those needs?

8. Would you remain with me if you discovered that I couldn't bear children? If I had a criminal record? If I had a lot of debt? Or if I had a terminal disease?

9. How important is marriage for you? What do you like about the concept of marriage and what would be the one thing you would love to do in your marriage?

10. Have you thought of love as a fiction and not reality?

11. What are the thoughts that eat you up from within everytime you give a thought about it?

12. What would be the one thing that you would want me to do right now?

13. What can I do that would make you believe that I'm deeply in love with you?

14. Tell me about your sexual fantasy, the one you want to fulfill with me.

15. Do you ever dwell on past occurrences? Would you like to erase certain memories from your mind?

16. Do you feel as though you could tell me anything?

17. Would you stay with me if I were in an accident that scarred my appearance for life?

18. Should past sexual experiences be divulged to your current partner? Why?

19. How often would you like to have sex?

20. How comfortable are you with showing affection in public?

21. Do you enjoy and expect your partner to initiate sex?

22. What do you fantasize about? Is there any particular fantasy that you'd like to make a reality? How would you feel about role-playing?

23. In an ideal intimate relationship, how often would you have sex?

24. How was your parents' marriage? Would you have considered theirs a good relationship?

25. How would you define love?

26. What moment in your past would you like to return to? Why?

27. What moment in your past would you most like to forget?

28. Have you forgiven yourself for your wrongdoings?

29. Is there anything in particular that you don't know about me but would like to know?

30. When I talk about you to others, what would you like for me to say?

31. What would you change about yourself?

32. If, all of a sudden, you knew that you had 6 weeks left to live, what would you want to do in the time you had left?

33. Assume that your house is on fire and that your family members and pets are safe, what things would you want to rescue from the fire and why?

34. If you could have been an eyewitness to any event in history, which one would you choose?

35. Over the last five years, how do you think you have changed?

36. What would be your dream vacation?

37. What three things in your life could you not imagine doing without?

38. What turns you on?

39. What do you like the most about sex and to be done to you?

40. What do you think sex should be like?

41. Who has been the most influential person in your life?

42. What was your previous relationship like and why did it end?

43. What ideology do you follow in this life?

44. What place in this city is the most meaningful for you?

45. Do you think you are mentally prepared to be in a relationship?

46. What are your biggest passions?

47. If there was a soundtrack of your life, what songs might be on it and why?

48. Who were some of your childhood heroes? The people who made you feel like things were going to be okay and that you were special?

49. Let's say you own a lottery, is any part of what you would do with your lottery money actually happening in your real life right now? Could it?

50. What are the biggest stresses that you're currently facing in your life today? What keeps you up at night that I may not know about?

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