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How To Bridge The Generation Gap Between A Millennial And Parents

By Tanya Ruia
Relationship Tips: Deal with Generation Gap | इन तरीकों से दूर हो सकता है Generation Gap | Boldsky

Today, as an independent but not yet successful woman I admit that whatever I am it is all because of my parents; if my mother ever gave me the mental strength, my dad gave me the wings to fly and conquer my dreams.

A generation gap is something which the present generation is fed up of. Rather than thinking of ways in which we can fill this generation gap, we keep on cribbing and blaming that they are not understanding as well. Nobody is willing to take up an initiative to resolve the issue, but everyone knows how to blame. None other than us can make a difference.

Every child would agree that they fear their fathers the most. No matter how cool they act to be, but as the screen flashes of the dad's call, they can feel the chills down their spine.

It is not as difficult as we think to be. We can easily bridge the generation gap.

Let's see how we can do that.

Be Friends With Them

Rather than considering them as an outsider, consider them as your friends when you want to share something personal. When you consider them as friends they realise that they should be more of a friend with you.

It becomes easier to bridge the gap then. Being friends with them doesn't mean you will behave with them in any way you want. Being friends with them means to introduce them to your world in order to make them understand you better.

Teach Them Technology

The present generation that has become so much of a technological geek and expects their parents also to become one, shall help them becoming one rather than cribbing and complaining that their parents are not able to cope up with the modern technology.

Isn't it fun to watch your parents taking a selfie or posting on your social media walls your funny childhood pictures or saving your numbers with funny contact names on their phones? So, take the help of technology to get your parents close to you rather than insulting them on these grounds.

Take Them Along

This might sound uncool to a few, but you should try taking your parents along with you to your social gatherings, birthdays, or any of your events. They will not only feel special but also know what things go on in your generation. It will help them better to understand your world. It will bring you closer to them.


The most important part of any relationship is to communicate. Gaps between generations are built only due to the communication gap. A generation gap won't exist only if there would be no communication gap.

Communicate with them as much as you do with your technology world, friends, and other temporary and worldly pleasures. Your parents need you more than your temporary people need you. If you really want to bridge the generation gap between you and your parents, then communicate.


If you are expecting them to accept your world and standard of living, then you have to accept their's too. Nobody can ever clap single-handedly. It is always a two-way show. You also have to accept their values, cultures, standard of living, and their way of understanding life. Acceptance should come from both ways. If you expect, then accept too.

Eat Together

A family that eats together, stays together. Eating together always builds up the relationships. Food is one thing that brings everyone together. Nobody could ever be sad with food. They get to know about more options and tastes of food. Make them explore more of what has been discovered. They will also tell you what they used to eat and authenticity of their culture. I am sure you will definitely love this crazy combination of food and culture.

Be A Good Listener

Everyone can talk, but blessed are the people who can be good listeners. In order to build a bridge to remove the generation gap, both have to listen to each other. You have to listen to what they say, not to reply to them but to understand that what they mean to say. Also, make them understand the value of listening. Make them also listen to what is your ideology in contradiction to theirs.

It is completely a two-way path where no one can walk alone. Parents who are reading this shall also understand that there are some things that the present generation expects you to understand.

Pressurizing each other and the blame game have always ruined relationships. Nobody reaches anywhere with contradictions, blame games, and no tolerance. Be together, love, nurture, and care for each other. This is what a family is for.

As I always say, being in relationships is not difficult, maintaining them is.

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