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Happy Friendship Day 2019: Cherish Good Memories With Friends On This Special Day

If you are reading this, Happy Friendship Day to you!

Friendship, the beginning of a lifetime memory. It is the birth of friends who would go on the road of ups and downs. While the journey continues, the memories, the bondings, the clarity of mocking, the sarcastic looks, the shoulders to cry upon and the fingers to poke, come into the picture. If not friends then who would take care of you in times of your need, who would persuade you to become better and who would call you at 3 am just to tell he/she is not feeling sleepy and wants to talk.

Friendship has evolved since the start of human civilization and we are at the age of smartphone conversations and selfies. We share screenshots and memes. We talk in code languages, in forms of gestures and we know the hardships that come the way in between friends. Friendships have become a pathway to have the best of memories of every one of us. We divulge into numerous activities and these activities bring out the memories between us.

Let’s talk about the happiness that comes in form of friends.

Have You Ever Given A Thought About Whom Do We Call Friends?

To give it a thought says the depth of your longing for a friend and to be honest, the way you gel up with another human is the friendship that you have always sought for. Their nature might be very different from yours but the way you two mingle is the best form of friendship and the positive attitude towards each other speaks a lot about the friendship you and your friend share.

A friend is not the one who comes only in need but he/she is the one who walks the path alongside you, till the end of the road. The memories in between is the journey of a friendship. The happy ways or the sad, the diversions or the straight route, the in-between stops and the scenic beauty while you travel together is the friendship we all seek for. To me, friendship is the connection between two individuals or more. It is all about the way one becomes closer to another soul divulging into the numbers of days and years of being in a constant touch and in being a constant support system.

Celebrate Friendship Day With Memories

We don’t need a day to celebrate friendships. It is an everyday process. But this day we share the friendship memories since a year back. We celebrate the process of growing together in the friendships. This day marks the happy memories and the sad ones of one year and the plans to go on for the next year. Let’s celebrate this friendship day rewinding and playing in our minds, the memories we have made the past year.

What To Do This Friendship Day?

To articulate this, I would put them in points. We can do little things to make the memories worthwhile.

1. Call Them Up

First thing first, call your friends up and wish them. The most subtle way to cherish. Tell them about the way you have their back and how they have yours. Ask them about the day’s plan. If you and your friends can plan up a meet, well, brilliant!

2. Look Into The Memories

Now that we live in the age of smartphones, how about we look into the memories and remember the days of togetherness. The timeline reminds us how we have evolved. What better can you do? You can build a storyboard to showcase it to your friends.

3. Plan A Trip

How about planning a trip together? Sounds good to the ears. Cherish your memories and make new ones and it is the best way to bring forth your friendship to the picture. Friends who travel together are the best of buddies. Travelling is essential and we all know it. If it is with friends it is the merrier.

4. Share A Thought

Bringing a thought to the table and making your friends feel better is a way out for you and your friends. Thoughts have kept the friendship alive. Sharing a common thought and working on it is a beautiful way to make new memories for the coming year.

If you liked reading the article, share it on your timeline. Tag your friends, make them happy showing how much they mean to you and how much you cherish them.

Happy Friendship Day!


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