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Give Space In A Relationship Instead Of Love

Why stick to love in a relationship? Do you think it helps all the time? There are certain other things in a relationship that matter in a relationship rather than settling down for love. Think about it!

Love is a four-legged feeling that brings two people closer to each other. But why be content with love only? Science says it is dopamine that makes us happy being in love and love is not the feeling that brings happiness. Let's talk about space in a relationship and how it grows the relationship to the next level.

Think about space rather than love and let's advance. Holding space in a relationship is the only way to grow the relationship into a bigger and better one. Space makes it possible to give each other that time to grow as individuals and then contribute to the relationship.

Holding space in a relationship means giving each other that area to grow without having a single bit of judgement or making them feel inadequate or trying to fix them or trying to impact the outcome they bring to the table at the end.

Let's see how space helps in the relationship:

1. Space Lets You Be Yourself

It helps the relationship by making the couple to be themselves. You both complement each other's act. Things like you eat ice-cream when you have flu and he remembers to give you the medicine. He messes the house while you keep it clean. She lets you play your game while you let her watch her TV series.

As partners, you both find a common ground where you honour differences and complement each other. You get to express yourself freely without having a single worry about how you look or what you say. You see through all the external layers to understand your partner's values, beliefs, and the essence of what makes him, 'him'.

It is okay to talk about happiness, fear, and regrets. You both are okay with sitting together and doing nothing. It is okay to watch a documentary when you both have a date night. In that space, you both are present and appreciate each other. As a couple, you and your partner choose to enroll in each other's life.

2. Space To Love Each Other

When you give each other the comfort to be as you are, you create a sense of bonding that divulges into loving one another. The love that is produced is not biased because of looks or money. It is inclined to space and non-judgemental character your partner has.

Giving each other space empowers the love for each other. It not only creates a gap of missing and that brings you closer to your partner but also it gives a sense of bonding that never breaks apart.

3. Let Us Both Grow

When you give each other space, you help each other in growing as an individual. You might have a dream or an intuition that you want to follow. But if your partner doesn't give you space to make it happen then you feel chained in love.

But on the other side when you give each other space, you let each other figure out what as an individual you want in life. Your partner and you grow in each other and as together. Space helps you grow and while you support each other in the respective endeavor, you grow as a couple too. This is how space brings glory to your relationship.

4. Happiness

Having space brings more happiness. How?

You don't need gifts, dates, and things that would make each other happy while being in a relationship. Happiness is inborn and it comes from within. When you give space to each other, you and your partner are equally happy in being yourself.

And when this happens, you feel your partner is perfect for you in every sense. And when you get this feeling your heart and mind are filled with happiness and you realise every bit of it.

This is how space is required more than love in a relationship. Thinking about space in a relationship might freak you out. But that is just the fear of losing each other. This fear kills the relationship and space liberates the relationship to another level where you and your partner make the best out of the love and space you give to the relationship.

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Cheers Lovers!

Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2018, 9:30 [IST]
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