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Friendship Day 2021: Why Are We Celebrating This Day Since 1930

The world belongs to the ones who believe in the nature of friendship and share the same amongst each other. "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" or "the world is one family" is the way to realise we are all the same and we are one big family, involving every form of living being under one shed. Friendship is the most common form of connection between us and we know if not for friendship, we would have been divided from the start.

This year, friendship day will fall on 1 August and will be celebrated across the globe for a lot of reasons combined to form one single value, that we are all alike and we have each other's back in the time of need.

What Is Friendship Day?

A day to celebrate friendship all over the world. It is popular in most countries. A symbolism of unity in diversity, friendship, by all means, is the bonding between individuals to be there for each other in any given situation.

What's The History Behind This Day?

The history behind this day dates back to the 1930s. After the end of the first world war, a peace movement and a feeling of connection were needed. Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards, originated Friendship Day. 2nd August was planned to be the day of celebration.

Friendship Day celebration started in the US in 1935 when the US Congress decided to keep the first Sunday of August every year as the designated day for celebrating Friendship Day. It was done to honour friends and in honour of friends.

It gradually became a national event where the younger generation celebrated their friendships and cherished it along the way. The idea of honouring your friends and the friendship was widely accepted. Thus, Friendship Day evolved to become one of the most celebrated festivals in the country.

Following the substantial rise of this celebration, other countries such as South American countries and others started celebrating it eventually. By 1958, Paraguay had started having its own National Friendship Day on the 30th of July.

In South Asian Countries, Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. In Argentina and Brazil, it is celebrated on 20th July. Finland and Estonia celebrate Valentine's Day on Friendship Day.

What Do We Do On This Day?

Everyone feels the urge to give gifts and cards to their friends. On this day, no one believes in different religions, colour, race, creed and sex. People make greeting cards or buy them and give it to their friends making them feel the essence of friendship.

In India, we see people planning a week before to celebrate this day. They reserve tables in restaurants and pubs. Youngsters take the pleasure of gifting their friends and some find pleasure in buying greeting cards for their friends. Friendship Day in India is a day to cherish the bonding between friends and enjoy the characteristics of healthy friendships.

Why Do We Celebrate This Day?

Initially, it was a day to celebrate and honour friends and friendships. But as it started spreading worldwide, it became a day of celebration amongst friends. A lot have found hope in this day and have made great friends. Many choose this day to remind their friends about the care, respect and feeling of trust they have for them. It is celebrated to strengthen the bond between friends and to build a better and stronger connection between friends.

It has now become a trend that we follow to remember our friends, near and far ones. We make them feel loved by our love for them and try to uphold the torch of togetherness.

As we see the first Sunday of August, is approaching, we, the people of Boldsky wish you all a Happy Friendship Day in advance. Stay tuned for more updates about Friendship Day.

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