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Bonding Over Braids And Fairy Tales

By Tanya Ruia

You cannot stay together but you also cannot stay without each other. I guess by this line you can make out very well which relationship we are going to talk about in this article.

It is about the relationship you can never get rid of. It is about the sister-sister relationship - a relationship, a match made in Heaven.

Sisters are the best friends that one can ever have, but more than a brother being lucky to have a sister, a sister is luckier to have a sister.

You fight, you beat each other, you just rip each other off, but who is there for you at the end and who has your back or whose back do you have? Your sister's, right? Yes.

Let's see what are those reasons that make a sister-sister relationship so pure and wonderful that we call it a match made in heaven :

BFFS For Life

Yes, you get a best friend for life. If you are a girl and have a younger, elder or twin sister, no matter how much you fight, you cannot deny the fact that you both are best friends forever and for life. Your friends might not remain your friends for life, but you cannot escape from the friendship of your sister.

A Double Wardrobe

I know it is not necessary that you both end up being the same in size, but one of the two is always benefitted when it comes to a wardrobe. You get a whole new wardrobe to share and that too in-house when you have a sister. You can wear whatever and whenever you want out of each other's wardrobe. You might fuss a bit about it, but you cannot say a no to each other.

Crying Shoulder

Initially, you might hide about a boyfriend from each other, you might feel uncomfortable in talking to each other regarding each other's love life, broken hearts, some embarrassing incident, etc. but then you realise that she is the only one who has your back and you will always have her back. Yes, you can always cry on each other's shoulders, keeping each other cosy.

The Secret Keeper And The Blackmailer

What is a relationship without fights? It gets so boring without arguments and fights. So, she is always gonna irritate you by keeping your secrets intact but by blackmailing you about them at the same time. She will always be the one whom you can call your secret box but then, she will be the only one who will keep on blackmailing you for fun.

Social Gatherings Are Never Boring

Does not matter if you don't have a company in a family gathering, a social meet where your parents have made you tag along forcefully, or just a family dinner, if you have a sister, you will never feel the shortage of a company. You can always be with each other talking, gossiping, bitching, judging people, and can spend your time easily. With her company, social gatherings are never boring and hard to attend. You can count on her always if you are feeling awkward to go somewhere.

Waiting For Each Other's Wedding Eagerly

If you have a sister, you both are always gonna be much more eager for each other's wedding than those aunties of the colony who are much more effective than a pair of binoculars. If she won't be eager, then who? Who is going to be your bridesmaid? Who would touch up your make up? Who would tease and threaten your better half and who would have all the fun? Of course, your sister. Because she is the one who has dreamt of that dream dress and that dream wedding of her sister more than anybody ever would.

Bodyguard For Free Of Cost

Be it getting bullied at school, be it a small robbery or the thrashing of parents. She is always going to save your ass, no matter what. She might threaten you at times and blackmail you, but she will make sure that you are in no trouble. She will save you from all the bullying in the school, all the thrashing from parents and all the bad energies. She will make sure that you are always protected, no matter even if that puts her into trouble.

Last, but not the least, but definitely the most important one :

Partners In Crime

You could commit no sin without each other's knowledge and help. You are bound to include her in all that you do and if not, then you are bound to inform her because she is your backup. From dressing up all hot shot to making fun of people, you both are together helping each other and then saving each other.

Sisters are the best gift that a girl can ever get. The bonding over braids and fairy tales is a beauty in the whole. When you both are together, you are an army!

Story first published: Monday, July 2, 2018, 18:41 [IST]
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