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Are You Planning On Having A No Strings Attached Relationship? Things You Should Know

Are you interested in knowing how to have a no strings attached relationship? Use this as a guide to learn all that you need.

Not everyone can go for a no strings attached relationship. Honestly, it is fun but only for those who can handle it.

There are certain things that matter before getting into such types of relationships. Not all can absorb the mindset of being in a fake relationship where it is all about fun moments and no love involved. As we see the generation evolving, these kinds of relationships are now a rage and have become way too common.

There are some things you need to know about these kinds of relationships. Let's see what are those.

1. Friends

Do not have these kinds of relationships with friends. Never! Don't have no strings attached sex with any of your good friends. If things do go downhill, you will end up losing your friend. As friends, both of you may talk and interact often and that would bring emotional attachment to this relationship. You will end up mixing emotional intimacy with sex, which is a perfect concoction for a romantic relationship but not for a no strings attached relationship.

2. Never Be Emotional

Never have a NSA relationship with someone you think you are in love with or have any kind of emotional attachment. This will create a havoc in your personal life. It will hurt you real bad. A NSA relationship should never be emotional in nature.

3. Always Prefer Protection

Never have unprotected sex with a no strings attached partner. There is no way you can ever know with how many others that person would have slept with while he/she is sleeping with you.

4. Tell What You Want In Bed

There is no point in having a relationship focused on sex if you are not getting anything out of it. It will seem pretty one-sided if the person is only focusing on himself/herself and not on what you need. Make sure the person you are with understands your needs and wants in the relationship as well.

Your needs are just as important as his/her, and that's something that needs to be noticed by your partner. If you are going out of your way to make sure your partner is having a good time and making yourself look appealing for him/her, then he/she needs to give the same amount of dedication as well.

Don't let him/her off the hook because it is not a big deal. You need to understand that you getting your satisfaction and enjoyment in having sex and getting something out of it is just as big of a deal. Don't put up with decent sex when it should be great and don't bend down unless you ain't getting the same from them.

5. Do Not Talk About The Future

Never involve your NSA partner in your future endeavours or plans. He/she is not here for that. Keep it subtle as it should be and do what you both wanted. Do not divulge yourself into any kind of conversation that would jeopardize your situations in future. Remember, NSA is all about not mixing emotion and personal life. It is all about having the pleasure and that's the end of it.

6. Have Certain Ground Rules

You need to maintain some ground rules in order to keep your NSA relationship maintained. It is very much required when you are in search of pleasure. You need to maintain these borders. These ground rules often help in the long run.

These are certain guidelines you need to know in order to follow the conduct of NSA relationship.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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