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Why Makeup Love-Making Is Foolish!


Making love to make up or resolve differences is what happens in many relationships. But what's the take of psychologists on this?

Well, to the people involved in it, it may look like a terrific way to patch up. But it may work only for a short span of time.

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In the long run, if true compatibility or love isn't there, make up love-making doesn't work. Do you know the reason why? Read on...


Reason #1

Firstly, lovemaking releases feel good chemicals like oxytocin. It helps in bonding. It temporarily makes you forget about your issues or quarrels.


Reason #2

When you experience the joy or pleasure that love making offers, you would obviously put aside your grudge and enjoy the moment.

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Reason #3

It temporarily confuses your mind. Even if you had real reasons (like infidelity or physical violence) to break up with your partner, you would temporarily put aside those reasons and consider continuing the relationship.


Reason #4

Your reasoning capabilities do not work when physical pleasure dominates your mind. A flood of chemicals take over your mind making it tough to take any decision.

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Reason #5

Psychologists warn against making love when you have very serious disagreements in your relationship. Serious conflicts never get resolved though they may seem like that after making love.


Reason #6

Intense and passionate bedroom activity can blind your mind making you think that everything will be fine. But serious issues will still be unresolved and when your high comes down, your problems will still be there.

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Reason #7

Couples may need to find compatibility and love as the common ground that unites them and only then consider making love to avoid confusion and failure of judgment.

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