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What Is The Right Age To Lose Your Virginity


During puberty, you aren't developed yet. At 15, you can barely call yourself an adult. So, it is not the right time to try risky experiences.

What is that risky experience we are talking about? Well, having the first intercourse experience at that age is risky! Just say No!

But today, many teenage boys and girls are trying things secretly. Without the awareness of the risk factors trying to get naked can have a negative impact for a lifetime.

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Remember this: sex needs total preparation. The preparation should be mental, physical and emotional. And then it should be an activity to enhance the bond between a loving couple. Only then, it is healthy. Read on to know more...


Fact #1

What's the best age to experience sex for the first time? Well, it is better to wait. Psychologists recommend delaying the first experience till the brain develops completely.

A person needs to first grow up into a sensible thinking adult to try intercourse for the first time.


Fact #2

The first experience is not just about using genitals; it involves the mind, emotions, thoughts, sentiments, energies, belief systems and everything else a person is about.

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Fact #3

In a recent survey conducted on both men and women, more than 50% of women admitted that they should have waited till 25. Most of them were women who had the first experience around 16-17.


Fact #4

Both men and women who tried it for the first time at that age admitted that they did it out of curiosity, or due to alcohol consumption or because others of their age are trying it.


Fact #5

Relationships experts say that people who try it too early in life may end up having more partners in life and may become unstable in relationships.

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Also, the risk of STDs, pregnancy and cervical cancer would be high in people who sleep at such a young age.


Fact #6

Psychologists say that cognitive immaturity is dangerous. It could make teenagers indulge in risky behaviour. Only a grown up adult can have reasoning abilities and awareness of pros and cons of certain actions.


Fact #7

In case of females: the risk of unwanted pregnancy is high. Also, young unmarried girls hesitate or feel embarrassed to seek medical help in case of any intercourse related injury or unwanted pregnancy. Some girls who experience guilt tend to run away or commit suicide! Some may suffer depression after losing virginity too young!


Fact #8

In case of men: most of the men fail during the first experience. Those who fail develop inferiority complex. And those who perform well during the first experience, get addicted to the high that intercourse gives and turn into womanisers.

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Fact #9

And then comes the element of blackmail into the picture. Those who are filmed while experiencing it for the first time at such a young age, may suffer fear due to blackmail by the other party. Such acts need to be battled with courage.

But at that young age, guilt or fear can grip a person from seeking support from parents or friends.


Fact #10

Therefore, by all means, waiting till the age of 25 or till you get the maturity levels, the right mindset and attitude towards life is better.

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