Does He Get Angry When You Deny Pleasure? What Is Satyriasis?

What is satyriasis? Well, it is nothing but sex addiction. A person suffering from this problem may experience excessive desire for sensual pleasures. It occurs mostly in men. And yes, it isn't easy to have a relationship with such a person.

Men who suffer from this problem may not feel satisfied easily and some may never reach orgasm in spite of repeated sessions. That's mostly a psychological issue. And if you are in a relationship with such a man, you may remain clueless about his unquenchable thirst.

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Many decades ago, it was never classified as a disorder but in the recent past, it is seen as a psychological disorder. Here are some facts.


What Causes Satyriasis?

In some men, certain psychological factors may contribute to this disorder. Inferiority complex, abuse during childhood or even evil treatment meted out by cruel parents could also be some reasons behind it.

Is It Due To Initial Failure?

Some men who fail in bed when they try it for the first time may also develop a complex that drives them towards the other extreme. Failure is like a blow on the male ego. Such men try to learn the ropes by repeatedly engaging in sensual acts.

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How To Know Whether A Guy Has This Disorder?

A man who suffers from this disorder may crave for constant pleasure. He frequently tries to change his partners. In cases where a man fails to get enough, he may even turn violent. Some may even experience hallucinations related to women.

Is It Permanent?

In some men, the symptoms disappear after a point where they experience enough satisfaction through sensual pleasures. But in some guys, the thirst never seems to get fulfilled.

How Does It Affect Life?

Men who suffer this problem may have failed relationships and bad public image. Also, their ability to hold strong relationships may wane and this disturbs their lives more.

What Are Its Emotional Effects?

Irritation, restlessness, embarrassment and lack of confidence are other effects of this issue.

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What To Do If Your Partner Has Satyriasis?

Seek medical help. Consult a doctor as well as a psychologist. Physical causes need to be addressed through medicine and psychological roots need to be dealt through counseling sessions.

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