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Women's Day Special: Things Which Are More Important Than Finding A Husband!

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Everything changed! A century ago, most of the women thought finding the right husband is the most important thing in life.

But today, if you ask the modern women about what's the most important thing in life according to them, you won't get the same answer.

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Are you wondering what would be their answer? Well, in a survey, women came with different answers depending upon their priorities. Read on to know...


Finding A Job That Promises Growth

Work can make us feel good. Work gives us identity, money and self sufficiency. Try sitting idle at home for a day. Brain becomes a devil's workshop, right? Spend a day handling a challenging task with your colleagues in office. You feel good right?

That's why many women in a survey admitted that finding work is the first priority after completing education. Finding work is more important than finding a husband.


Finding A Group Of Girl Friends

Boyfriends can do everything but can't do what girlfriends can do. Boys can't think like girls or understand their problems or listen to their woes without getting frustrated.

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Maybe, that is why most of the women in a survey admitted that finding a gang of girlfriends is more important than finding a husband.


Finding The Liberty To Travel Whenever You Want

Today's women don't need to seek someone's permission or help to go for a trip. They have the financial means and the freedom to travel as they wish.

Travel refreshes your mind and rejuvenates your body. Do you need any body's permission to refresh your mind and body?


Finding The Time To Connect With Loved Ones

Our loved ones are the only support systems we get on this planet till the last breath. Many women opine that boyfriends can dump or husbands may cheat but parents never betray.

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That is why today's women maintain strong relationships with loved ones and let nobody interfere in that area of their lives.


Finding The Power To Pamper The Body

After a stressful work week, anyone would want to be pampered. Going to the spa for a therapeutic massage is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity.

Self sufficient and independent women opine that we all have the right to pamper ourselves.


Finding Your Voice

Finding the courage to say no and finding a unique voice to keep negative people at a distance are more important qualities than finding a husband, according to most of the modern women.

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Finding The Freedom To Wear What You Want

What is more important than finding a husband? A majority of the women admitted that finding freedom is more important- freedom to wear a favourite dress, freedom to study a favourite subject, freedom to pursue a passion, freedom to voice out an opinion, freedom to spend money and freedom to live a dream life.

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