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Some Truths About Men!!

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Though understanding enigmatic women is very difficult, you don't need much effort to understand men. But still, men get misunderstood in some areas.

Surprised? Well, women think men can't commit. False. Men can commit. Women think men run after only physical beauty. False. Men value homely women more.

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This way, there are so many areas in which men get misunderstood. Read on to know about some truths about men...


Fact #1

Men always respond when a woman shows interest. Women might ignore men's signals but when a woman shows interest, no man would ever ignore her advances!

So, if you have a crush on him, but still hesitating, brush off those fears.


Fact #2

Men get attracted to two types of women. Whether you like it or not, men categorise all women into two types: irresistible women and homely women.

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Fact #3

Men eventually settle down with type 2. Though men run after irresistible women, they finally settle down with homely women who can care, love and run the house.


Fact #4

Though men crave for physical pleasures, they seldom consider it as the deciding factor while choosing a life partner.

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Fact #5

Yes, men can commit! Believe it or not; men value commitment. They settle down when time comes. Yes, there are some hormones and physiological conditions that make men loyal and committed.


Fact #6

Do you know what a woman can do to a man? Well, men like it when a woman stands by a man no matter what. That is one quality a man values in a woman tremendously with all his heart.

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