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Do You Think He's Cute? No, He's Immature!!


When you are in love, everything your guy does seems so cute. And the very thing that he is going crazy for you seems like a dream come true.

But there is a thin line between cuteness and immaturity. Have you noticed that? If you haven't, then you may need to think twice and observe his behaviour again.

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Cute things in relationships do have a shelf life. After that period, even cute things may start getting on your nerves. Therefore, check these points and see if your guy grows up to understand you properly.


He Gets Drunk...Like...Crazily!

Being drunk all the time and behaving like a baby isn't a quality that you can live with. Though he writes poetry and keeps praising you all the time in that intoxicated state, there will be a day when all that stops looking cute.


He Mocks Everyone

And that looks like sense of humour to you but later on, your feelings will be bruised with that very same sense of humour! Trolling, mocking or bringing others down is immature! He needs to grow!

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He Spends Money Like Water

Sounds nice, right? But that very quality may lead to bankruptcy which is unhealthy for your common future. Today, he spends on your gifts without thinking but tomorrow, he needs to save for your future even though you have a day job.


He Keeps Calling You To Ask Silly Questions!

He suddenly calls and asks you how to cook rice and that sounds cute to you. Of course, that question is okay. But its a red flag if he keeps calling you to ask silly questions.


He Sulks!

Well, that's childish. Only children do that to win an argument or get what they want. The man you are dating is a grown up and that's not how a grown up is expected to behave. He needs to talk!

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He Takes Too Much Care Of His Looks

He needs to be presentable but it doesn't mean that he spends most of the time in font of the mirror. He needs to grow up and reduce the self-obsession which is sick!


He Is Scared Of Your Dad!

Well, then how do you expect him to talk to your dad and ask for your hand one fine day in the future? He needs to man up!


He Cracks Jokes When You Are Serious

No, that isn't cute! He is immature. He needs to understand the gravity of the serious topic you are discussing.

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He Comes Too Close When You Are Not In Mood

Well, you may enjoy such qualities today but sooner or later you may lose your patience and may feel like slapping him.


He Tries To Act Smart

Acting smart, trying hard to charm you or impress you may not float your boat for long. So, see whether your immature guy behaves like a responsible adult and be a man of your life!

Story first published: Thursday, July 6, 2017, 15:40 [IST]
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