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Friendship Day Special: Can Friends Kiss?

Can friends kiss on lips? Well, that is a million dollar question and is a controversial aspect. In fact, many surveys already indicate that men and women can't be just friends as there could be some level of 'tension' between two people of the opposite sex.

But in this world, there are so many friends of the opposite sex who have never kissed or even dreamt of sleeping with a friend.

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And of course, there are so many people who have gradually converted a friendship into a married relationship too! And then there are those who have a set of friends with 'benefits'.

So, it is more of an individual choice. But let us casually explore the question: can friends kiss on lips?


What's Friendship?

Firstly, what's friendship? Well, it is nothing but mutual affection. That's it. Why is it so important? Well, it is one of the strongest forms of interpersonal bonding in the human life.

What Are Its Characteristics?

Okay, friendship is mutual affection. What are its other characteristics? To begin with, trust, compassion, altruism, honesty, empathy, sympathy and kindness are several other qualities of a good friendship.

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What's So Great About It?

Other important characteristics are feeling free in each other's company, being able to express freely, and feeling like sacrificing anything for the other etc. These are things that make friendships great.

Is There An Age Limit For Friendships?

Well, though most of us find friends during childhood and teenage, there isn't any age limit. Sometimes, you might find a friend of a totally different age group too. At the end of the day, someone who bonds well with you is your friend.

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Can Friends Kiss On Lips?

Now, let us come back to the question: can friends kiss on lips? Not required, right? Of course, kissing is nothing but expressing love towards someone. There's nothing wrong in it. But what if your friend of the opposite sex sees it as taking advantage?

Okay, What If Both The Parties Are Okay With The Kissing Part?

Well, researchers say that the moment physical intimacy comes into picture, the whole equation of friendship may drastically change. After that, it can no longer stay in control.

The Main Problem

Once the fire of physical desire is fuelled, things become unpredictable. After that, it is no longer about what is right or wrong but it is more about the consequences. What if the greed for the physical comfort increases when the other person is already married?

Can Friends Kiss And Cuddle?

Ask yourself these questions. What if your friend wants more than a kiss? What if a small kiss leads to intercourse?

What if it turns into romance? What if it breeds attachments? What if your friendship slowly kills your married life or other relationships in your life? What if it leads to possessiveness? Well, it all starts with a friendly kiss, right?

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