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Why Does He Take So Long To Come Out Of The Loo

Not all men, but some men tend to take a lot of time to come out of the washroom as they do many other thing inside. This could irritate women for sure.

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For some men, the wash room is the only place where they can enjoy privacy. So, that is where they feel home. For some men, bathroom is the place where they can bring out their inner devils.

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In the outer world, they act like gentlemen and once they get into the washroom, they bring out their dirty side.

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So, if you are wondering why your man takes a lot of time to come out of the washroom then here are some funny reasons.


Watch Porn

Men watch dirty pictures almost anywhere. Bathrooms are not the only places. But yes, some men do spend more time inside the bathroom only to watch something stimulating while they are busy answering nature's calls..



Some men have this addiction of reading newspapers and books while answering natures calls. This habit would irritate others in the house as such men occupy the loo for hours together.



No, self-help doesn't mean personality development. For some men, it means playing with one's own private parts when nobody is around. This is what some men do in the bathroom.


Social Networking

Some men use the bathroom space to do social networking. They open Facebook and connect with the world inside the loo. In fact, men having secret affairs use the bathroom to call or text their girlfriends.


Kegel Exercises

A lot of men worry about the size of their manhood and erections. So, they use the bathroom space to try kegel exercises and other stuff that requires to catch the manhood and do stretch it.



Men who are too much into self love tend to pose in front of the bathroom mirror and feel like a great body builder for some time whether they have muscles or not.



Some men get into the avatar of a singer when they are inside the bathroom. They keep singing songs as there would be nobody around to judge their voice quality.