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What Keeps Couples Together

Some couples split whereas some couples make it till the end. What could be the reason? Are they just lucky?

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Some say that relationships require lots of work and efforts and others say that compatibility is the key. What could keep two people together for long?

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Well, recently a group of relationships experts tried to figure out what really works in relationships and how couples can stay together for long. Here are some of their observations.


Fact #1

The first observation made by many relationship experts after studying and questioning thousands of couples is that kindness keeps couples together. Yes, without being kind to each other, couples may not be able to stay together.


Fact #2

The next important factor according to those experts is generosity. A relationship is more about giving and less about taking. Unless two partners are generous, they may not be able to make it together till long.


Fact #3

Most of us would find it funny and silly to be able to show kindness when an argument gets triggered. But experts claim that arguments and disagreements are the situations that need more kindness in relationships.


Fact #4

But does it mean that you have to shut up the moment an argument starts? Well, no, being kind doesn't mean making yourself a victim in every fight. And it also doesn't mean making the other person a victim of your anger and aggression. You can still express anger in a graceful and a safe way.


Fact #5

Experts suggest being angry is natural. But instead of throwing frustration, explaining your partner why you are hurt could help you be a kind person.


Fact #6

And when it comes to showing generosity, it doesn't mean that you should keep giving everything to your partner and depriving yourself of everything. Generosity implies willing to give your time, resources or any other help to your partner when required.