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Mistakes That Women Make In Bed

When things have to go well in bed, many factors play a role. Mere physical attraction isn't enough. You need to know about the basic likes and dislikes of that person and he also needs to know what makes you happy and what makes you angry in bed.

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Generally, lovemaking should be approached with utmost sincerity. You give your undivided attention when you do something that matters most to you; lovemaking demands more than that.

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If your approach towards it is casual or careless, your man may lose interest in the very act of love and may get irritated too. Now, here are some mistakes that women make in bed.


Mistake #1

When a woman expects a man to do all the hard work in bed, it would irritate a man. If you just lie down there and close your eyes and do nothing else but enjoy his moves, then he may not like it. Men like women taking an active part in the bed matters.


Mistake #2

Another thing that would irritate your man is doing things without any interest. When he asks for something and you do it with an irritated face or without any interest, then he will lose interest. So, get into the bedroom only if you are totally in mood.


Mistake #3

Being careless could also make him frustrated. When he handles your body very carefully, he expects the same in return. If you bite his sensitive areas severely or scratch his whole body as if your aim is to take revenge for some past argument, then he may not like it.


Mistake #4

If you're not comfortable getting naked with him, try to overcome your shyness. Develop a positive self image. Don't force him to switch off the lights every time he gets close to you. It reflects your insecurity and may irritate him if you repeatedly do.


Mistake #5

Another thing that irritates him is complaints. While he is busy making love to you, if you constantly complain about your belly fat or dull skin, or some other problem that is decreasing your beauty, he may get irritated.


Mistake #6

Before he even starts kissing, if you ask him to finish it faster because you got to wake up early, it would irritate him. Such things will spoil his mood. Even asking silly questions or chattering something when he is totally immersed in giving you pleasure may irritate him.


Mistake #7

Looking at the ceiling, feeling distracted or thinking about something when he is busy making love to you, may turn him off. He needs your full involvement; if you're absent minded, he thinks that you have lost interest.