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Do Women Like Bald Men?


Frankly speaking, attraction is purely a subjective issue. What one likes, the other may not. In fact, this is the reason why we need to rejoice. Every one will be liked by some or the other person.

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So, there are so many women out there who love bald guys. If you are losing hair off late, you don't need to worry much as many women find baldness hot.

There are many types of baldness. Some men lose their hair only on the top and have it in other areas of the head. Some men lose patches of hair in various areas of the scalp. Some men try to cover up their baldness by pulling hair from other areas to the hairless patches. Such ideas may not work. Shaving all the hair might work.

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But wait a second; before jumping into any conclusion, read on to know about a few facts.


Fact #1

Almost 25% of the men experience balding once they cross 30 years of age. Some men inherit baldness from their ancestors.


Fact #2

Some men experience baldness due to reasons other than genes. They include stress, malnutrition, trauma, skin issues on the scalp and various scalp issues.


Fact #3

In a recent study, three categories of men were shown to 1000 women. The first category had hair, the second category had partial baldness and the third category consisted of men with cleanly shaved heads. A majority of women voted for the men with clean shaved heads.


Fact #4

According to some women, bald guys appear stronger, manly, powerful and tall too. Also, they attract more eyes when they are amidst a crowd.


Fact #5

Many women claim that they don't like partial baldness. They like either fully grown hair or a clean shaved head. Bald men look more attractive when they shave the remaining hair on the head.


Fact #6

Grow a beard. Bald head and fully grown beard are a deadly combo when it comes to turning some women on.

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