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6 Dramatic Things We Do After Breakup

When we go through a breakup we often end up being sad and depressed. If you have been in a relationship for a very long time and then had a breakup it adds more agony. Today, we are here to share the 6 most dramatic things that we do after a breakup.

Breakup takes a toll on your mental and physcial health as well. Slipping into depression is the most common problem after breakup. If you have broken up with your partner on a friendly note and choose to be friends instead of lovers is not a great choice.

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We often get upset when we see them around us or on a social media when we see a picture of them it brings back many memories. Breakup need not be on a good end always. A bad breakup effects us badly and tears us apart emotinally when we think about them.

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Check out the dramatic things that we all do after a breakup. Read on to know more.


Burn Pictures

When you are going through a breakup you end up burning their pictures and the gifts and toys you had got from them during your relationship tenure. Keeping their pictures only saddens you so its better you throw or burn them away.


Lose Faith In Love

If you had a bitter breakup you feel cheated and feel that you can never love anybody else in the world the same way. This makes you go in a nutshell. You need to avoid this feeling and make new friends. Love never happens only once.


Sleep For Hours

You feel devastated and think there is nothing that you do with your life now. Instead think of connecting with friends whom you have not spoken in the recent times. This keeps you busy and away from depression.


Diet Goes For A Toss

When you were in a relationship you were conscious about your looks. Now suddenly you feel that you do not have to diet and end up eating more of junk food. This spoils your health and makes you fat. Remember its you who suffers when you are fat! Avoid binge eating.


Spending Hours On Social Sites

When we are going through breakup we take up on social sites to remove our frustration about it. This does nothing but makes you a cry baby who is washing their dirty linen in public. Never let this happen.


Sad Playlist

When we are sad and depressed, we tend to listen to all the sad songs and we feel that they are just written for us. Listening to these songs does no good as you are left being more emotional and drained out. Stop listening to these songs and buck up to move on in life.