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Effects Of Domestic Violence


What is domestic violence? Well, any kind of violence that occurs behind four walls between two people in a relationship can be categorised as domestic violence.

It could be physical harm, sexual harassment, sadistic behaviour, abusive behaviour or any other type of violence. In some cases, the intensity and severity of domestic violence could be worser than the regular crimes that happen in the streets.

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What are the causes of domestic violence? Well, according to the statistics, violence inside a family could mainly occur due to power struggle, money or simply sadistic pleasure too. Yes, there are some people who just use relationships to take revenge. Some people tend to behave like beasts when they are at home.

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Relationship experts say that domestic violence is on the rise and the ceases are increasing nowadays. Well, the main reason behind it is the abusive behaviour patterns of a partner in the relationship.

Effects Of Domestic Violence


A person who becomes a victim of domestic violence may find it tough to forget the scars even after years. Yes, after repeatedly facing abuse, the negative memories may affect the peace of a person for many years which is a sad thing.


An abusive person may traumatise the victim too much. There are many cases where victims of domestic violence became depressed and traumatised after facing abuse in their relationships.


In cases where physical violence is included, the victim may experience pain and agony. And there are cases where the physical injuries are deeper and life-threatening. This is the reason why it is important to say no to domestic violence.


A recent study says that the victims of domestic violence generally tend to become paranoid. They may never be able to trust human relationships again. This is one of the domestic violence facts.

Abusing others for your fun is a mental disorder. Also, silently facing abuse is also not a healthy pattern. It is important to voice out your opinions, seek help and gather courage to walk out of such relationships.

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