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Tips To Fix Bad Relationships At Work

By A Mixed Nerve

Your office is a place where you connect with other people and work together. Sometimes one of these working relationships go bad and then, you just cannot handle the stress it causes. Bad relationships with people at work can take a toll on your performance. That is why it is really important that you fix bad relationships with your colleagues.

Having bad relationships at work can be uncomfortable and also a black mark for your career. Your office is also like a family where human relationships are complex. Small misunderstandings can make your relationship with your colleagues sour. Remember to solve these misunderstandings and clear the air between you and your colleagues.

Fixing bad relationship at work is important as it can get you growth in the company itself and you will have a better atmosphere to work in. If you make it toxic with misunderstandings and fights and never clear it off, the mess you make will affect you in many ways and your colleagues as well. Having a healthy relationship is very much required in an office surrounding.

There are methods by which you can make your office a better environment and in order to do that, you have got to fix the bad relationship.

These are some tried and tested ways to help you fix bad relationships at workplace.

1. Ice-Breaker

It is important to end the cold war if you want to fix bad working relationships. So go and exchange pleasantries with the person with whom you are having a cold war. Sometimes, even a smiling good morning can help to clear the clouds of bad faith from a relationship.

Holding on to the cold war will get you nothing other than deceiving looks but breaking the ice between you and your colleagues will get you friendship and bonding.

2. Invitation For Lunch

When you share your food with someone, you can hardly feel any enmity towards that person. That is why eating together is the best way to clear all misunderstandings. Invite the colleague with whom you have cold vibes for lunch and enjoy a great meal together.

It is a very cordial version in which you can make your office environment better. Lunch breaks are for having food and communicating with your office people. If you don't do it, you make it worse for yourself. Communication is the key that helps in building strong office bonding. Start working on it today and invite people to have lunch with you.

3. Co-operate

Most working relationships go bad because you do not co-operate with each other. Take those 5 extra minutes out of your work schedule to help out your colleagues. Remember, the favour will always be returned. But you have to take the first step. Do not wait for the other person to knock at your cubicle. Go ahead and help them out whenever you can. It just shows your team spirit and how well you adapt to situations. It also shows your kind heart towards others.

4. Confront & Clear

If you think that the sourness in the relationship has become too much to be just forgotten, confront your colleague. Ask him/her outright what the problem is. Talking face to face clears out most misunderstandings. Face-to-face conversation is the best way in order to end a cold war of misunderstanding. The one-way ticket to end it is by sitting down with your colleague and talking about what went wrong and how you both can make it better from thereafter.

5. Drop Your Ego

Ego ruins a relationship between people in the office. Dropping the ego helps in building a much better bonding with everyone. Whether it is a romantic relationship or a working one, holding on to your ego will ruin your chances at fixing it.

So just drop your ego for a moment and try to put yourself in the other person's shoes. It always helps you to do the right thing. Think about how better it can be if you stop showing your ego and don't make it hard for your office mates as well. Ego builds a boundary around you and when someone tries to enter you freak out. This ego can be kept aside in the premises of the office. This helps a lot.

These are some simple ways to fix a working relationship that has gone sour. Try acting on each of them and you will see how beautiful your office environment turns out to be. Remember only you can make your relationships better with your office mates and no one else can do it for you. There are a thousand ways to build a relationship with your office people but it just takes ignorance and arrogance to worsen everything.

Think about the ways you can try to make your relationship with office people better and if you find any other, feel free to drop in the comments below and help me out as well.

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