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12 Types Of Roommates That One May Come Across And How To Deal With Them

There comes a time when people have to share their living space with someone. This mostly happens when one goes to college or rents a flat. Well, there is a choice where you can have the entire room all by yourself but as a student that may burn a hole in your pockets. Not everyone is able to afford a single apartment or rent it and hence unwillingly they have to share their room with strangers.

This may be intimidating for you in the beginning as you have to give access to others in your comfort zone. We are not saying all roommates are bad and toxic but there are various types of roommates that one may come across in his or her life. At times, you may not understand how to deal with such different roommates. But you don't have to worry as we are here to help you. We have listed twelve kinds of roommates and how you can deal with them so that your mental peace is not at stake.

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1. The Cleanliness Freak


You may be happy for having a roommate who keeps the room clean and tidy. But it is after a few days or a month when you realise that you are living with someone who is no less than a cleanliness freak or has OCD. Your roommate may also think that your part of the room is pigsty and stinking and may ask you to clean the room or wash your clothes on a daily basis. He or she won't withstand the idea of living in a disorganised way. For them, cleanliness is the ultimate thing and this may bother you when you are tired or simply lazy.

In order to deal with such roommates, you can keep your mess all by yourself. Make sure you clean your mess frequently and do not neglect it. This way you will save yourself from facing the nagging of your clean-freak roommate.

2. The Night Owl


This kind of roommate is mostly found during the college days. They will not only stay awake at night for either finishing their assignments or for going through the entire syllabus for numerous times. These people won't follow the golden rule of going 'early to bed, early to rise'. In fact, they become more active at night and if you are sleepy it can be a nightmare for you.

If your sleep is getting disrupt every single night then you can ask your roommate to either buy a study lamp or study in the common room or in the library. You can ask your roommate to switch off the lights or have her own beside lamp instead, in case he/she is planning to stay awake.

3. The Tongue-Tied


You may feel your roommate is absolutely okay and good until you realise he or she hardly speaks a word. This may seem weird and no matter how hard you try, your roommate won't utter much. You may not know when your roommate comes and goes as he or she will rarely make a sound. This can be a total discomfort for you as you may fail to realise their emotions or feelings towards anyone or anything.

In order to deal with such a roommate, you can always drop a message stating that you need to talk. You can also make him or her feel comfortable by doing things for them they like so that you can have an effective conversation.

4. The Tenacious Human


If you are living with this type of roommate then you may be quite experienced of how your roommate never leaves you alone and always behave like conjoint twins. Doesn't matter if you are going out with friends or watching a movie on your laptop, your clingy roommate will always hover around you like a butterfly.

No matter how hard you try, your clingy roommate won't leave you alone and will ask numerous questions about everything they see. Some become possessive as well. Such as if you are going out without him or her, then you will have to answer his or her series of questions about where you are going, who else is going with you, when you will be returning back, etc.

If you want to deal with such a roommate, you can express how uncomfortable you get with his or her behaviour. You can explain to them why you dislike it. Also, try your best to keep your private life 'private' and avoid disclosing too many details about yourself and your plans to them.

5. The Party Goer


Irrespective of whether exams are on head or if mid-semester breaks are going on, this kind of roommate is forever ready to enjoy parties and have a gala time. You don't have to get shocked if you find him or her getting ready even during midnight or early in the morning. You won't find your roommate to have any kind of social anxiety or denial for parties. You can actually have a fun time with this type of roommate.

Dealing with such a roommate won't be tough if he or she hardly makes any noise after coming back from the party. But if you find your party-goer roommate creating nuisance then you can surely ask him or her to stay quiet after returning from a late-night party.

6. The Kleptomaniac


Well, you may experience some situations where the milk you had kept on the table is no more, your cosmetics are missing, your cheesecake box is empty or the dress you bought last week is missing from your wardrobe. This is because your kleptomaniac roommate or the 'taker' is always looking forward to taking, a.k.a. 'borrow' things from you. He or she may give you the assurance of returning whatever they took from you, but don't have much hope, because this rarely happens.

You can set some boundaries with the taker. You can talk about the things he or she took or borrowed from you and never returned back. Let him or her know that it is not a polite thing to take away things without seeking permission in the first place.

7. The Parent


When you have this type of roommate, you won't have to worry anymore about staying away from your parents. For that reason, you have got someone who will take care of you just like your parents. He or she will always be ready to solve your problems no matter. He or she will take care of your every likes and dislikes and will make sure you are away from things you are allergic to.

If you are having such a caring roommate then it is no less than a blessing for you. You don't have to scratch your head to deal with him or her but it would be better if you avoid being mean to him or her. Make sure you take his or her advice into account rather than discarding them in a rude manner.

8. The Slacker


This is a kind of roommate who will never mind staying in a room full of mess. He or she will hardly take the pain of cleaning their mess. Even if you ask him or her to avoid keeping the room dirty and wash away the stinking clothes piled up in a corner, your suggestion will be ignored.

Moreover, such kind of roommate will not feel bad in missing classes and sleeping for the entire day. You will often find them glued to their laptop screen watching shows and movies or sleeping like a crocodile for the entire day.

In such a situation, you can discuss with your roommate why is it good to keep the room clean and tidy. Also, you can ask to fix some rules where he or she won't be allowed to spread mess in the entire room.

9. The Ghost


You may realise that you are living with a ghost roommate when you rarely get a chance to see him or her. He or she will hardly come to stay in the room and would prefer staying at home or at a friend's place. At times, you might not recognise your roommate as you have got a little chance to spend with him or her.

Well, you don't have to deal with them as the room completely belongs to you. You can do whatever you want.

10. The Romance Freak


You will hardly find your roommate not talking with his or her partner. At times, you may feel awkward to find your roommate being cosy with his or her partner in front of you. Also, sometimes you might have to spend the night at a friend's place as your roommate is spending the entire night with his or her partner and that too in your room.

For dealing with such a roommate, you can ask him or her to lock the room properly before making out with their partner or avoid making out every time at your place. You can also ask him or her to avoid intimate talks with their partner when you are planning to sleep after a hectic day.

11. The Celebrity


If you are staying with this type of roommate, you will be pretty experienced about how is it like being famous among your peers. For that reason, your roommate is quite famous and has numerous friends. People are always eager to be friends with your roommate as he or she has an irresistible charm. Moreover, people will envy you for having a chance to share a room with such a famous person.

If you are a shy and introvert person who doesn't like to hang out with people, then you can convey the same to your roommate. Or you can learn some tips for being a socialite and amicable person among people.

12. The Perfect One


This is a kind of roommate that you would love to keep forever. For that, he or she will be what you have always desired to have. You will be having a best friend in your roommate and thus, you can share your deepest secret without having the fear of being judged or exposed. Even your parents will be quite happy after knowing that you have such a good-hearted and decent roommate.
Well, if you have any such roommate, make sure you keep them close to your heart and none of your deeds hurt him or her.

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