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Anti-Valentine Week 2022: When Is Slap Day, Kick Day, Breakup Day? Dates For Unromantic Week

One of the most talked-about topics in February is romance. In fact, the month of February can be called the month of love and we also celebrate much-hyped Valentine's Day! It includes seven days of Valentine's week, namely Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hugh Day and Kiss Day.

The whole week is filled with love and hope and gives one courage to finally express their feelings to the special someone. If one is lucky they get to celebrate it with the love of their life and exchange heart-inspired gifts to woo them. But what about heartbreak or people who are single? Not many are aware of Anti-Valentine Week in February which comes right after Valentine's Week and you may find it quite interesting as it includes Slap Day (15 February), Kick Day (16 February), Perfume Day (17 February), Flirting Day (18 February), Confession Day (19 February), Missing Day (20 February) and Break-Up Day (21 February).

To make it simpler, let's break down the significance of each day of this Anti-Valentine's Week.

Slap Day (15 February)

Anti-Valentine's Week starts with Slap Day and is celebrated on 15 February. For all those people who have been wronged in love and are heartbroken, the day is perfect to give them one fun tight slap because probably they deserve it and the best part, you will feel relieved.

Kick Day (16 February)

Kick day marks the second day of the anti Valentine's Week and therefore, this is the best time to kick out all the worries from your life and especially the gifts sent by your ex partner(s). Because, piling up the gifts and looking at them will anyway give you stress and it is not worth it.

Perfume Day (17 February)

Your aura is like an perfume so it is essential that you keep it clean. The best way to celebrate this day is by keeping all the negative thoughts about your past toxic relationship at way and why not spray a new perfume of happiness on yourself? Because you deserve it! Also sending a horrible perfume to your ex partner to show how horrible they smell may make you equally happy.

Flirting Day (18 February)

If you and love meet at crossroads then this is the perfect day for you. You can forget about all the bad relationships you had before, and focus more on healthy flirting. Speak your heart out to the guy/girl you like or find attractive and who knows you can be good friends later?

Confession Day (19 February)

There is probably no one on this planet who doesn't have a secret, so if you want to vent out your feelings this is the perfect day. Confess what you hated about your partner when you were in a relationship with them and speak your mind freely. Not only you will feel relived but it will make you feel free and happy at one point in life.

Missing Day (20 February)

When your feelings go unnoticed and not reciprocated by someone then it may feel like a heartbreak. The wound takes time to heal and the pain doesn't go away easily. If someone is single, it may not always be due to a bad relationship, this can also mean they have lost their partner to someone or even they can be deceased. Also, it can be difficult to get over their memories.

Break-Up Day (21 February)

This is the last day of Anti-Valentine's Week and is celebrated on 21 February. This day will perfectly make sense to people who are in a bad or toxic relationship. So, because it ruins your life further and completely destroys your mental peace it is better to shut that door and never walk down that path again. It is the best way to throw out a partner who is jealous, possessive, abusive and doesn't believe in the concept of equality, love or trust.