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7 Signs That Show Your Partner May Be Using You In A Relationship

Knowing that you're being used in a relationship can be quite difficult. Some people are even incapable of identifying the signs that someone is using them in a relationship in numerous ways, be it financially, sexually or emotionally.

Here are a few signs that will help you find out whether your partner is using you.

1. They Are Not Ready To Commit

Always remember that a person in love with you will not wait for the perfect moment for commitment but will be committed from the beginning of the relationship. If you have been in a relationship for a long time and your partner still makes excuses to not fully commit to you, remember that they are never going to be ready any time soon. If you feel your partner may never fully commit, move out of the relationship.

2. They Are Their First Priority

People in committed relationships always prioritise their partners in a healthy way. If you feel that you have always been a second priority, you may not be as important to them as you'd like to be. Other signs that may help are that they only talk about their needs or always prefer being the centre of attraction.

3. They Always Let You Pick Up The Cheque First

When someone is in a serious relationship, it is never fair that one person continues to cover the costs of every date while the other just lets them do so. It is to be remembered that if you are the only one who always picks up or is asked to pick up the cheque first, it is a precise signal that someone is using you for their financial gains. A good partner is always eager to share the burden and is always open to discussing financial responsibilities.

4. Your relationship lacks intimacy

Intimacy is the closeness between people that makes each other feel that they are emotionally and physically connected, know each other's needs, and are more comfortable in each other's presence. Differences come when your relationship lacks intimacy and your partner desires sexual intimacy more, which does not coincide with your mutual interest. This is a good time to realise that your partner may be using you for their physical needs.

5. Favours Are On The Tip Of Their Tongue

Occasionally, asking for favours can be good as it shows the trust your partner has in you. However, when it becomes regular from occasional and you feel that you are not receiving the same treatment back, it's a big red flag to understand that someone is using you.

6. You Are On The Blame List Every Time

When a romantic relationship becomes a blame game, all you need to do is walk out of the toxic relationship. When a partner constantly criticises and blames you for everything wrong in the relationship, he cannot be sincere. They can simply be looking for an excuse to break up with you by pointing out your flaws. Blaming for no reason is mainly a form of manipulation. People do this to make the other person feel that the latter is not deserving of the prior's attention and love, even if the case is the opposite.

7. They Never Introduce You To Their Friends Or Families

A person who really likes you can never be ashamed to introduce you to their friends or family. If you feel that your partner purposely does not want you to know about other aspects of their life, it's an indication that your partner is just using you and may ghost you anytime soon.

If you suspect any of these same in your relationship, remember, it's never too late to walk out.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 16:30 [IST]
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