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11 Funny Yet Polite Comebacks To Encounter Rude People

There are all kinds of people around us, including rude ones. Rudeness in people is often identified by their negative comments, refusal to do something, being authoritative and other similar characteristics. Such people often offend others and hurt their emotions to supreme levels.

Ignoring rude people could be an easy first step, however, if the behaviour continues, you have all the right to defend and express yourself. Here are a few comebacks that you can try in polite yet positive ways when you encounter rude people.

1. You Always Have Something Negative To Say, Don't You?

These words may help shift the focus away from you and toward them, making them reconsider their conversation topics and their own words, and rethink what they will say in the future.

2. I Don't Remember Asking For Your Opinion

The line determines who you respect and whose feedback you value. It's an indirect way of saying that you do not need their advice and will ignore all their feedback.

3. Don't Worry, Keep Trying! Maybe Someday You Will Make Sense And Say Something Intelligent

These lines are perfect to say when you are continuously being interrupted by the lame comments of a rude person.

4. You Always Bring Me So Much Joy The Minute You Leave The Room

The lines hint at the rude person that other people are happy and joyful in their absence, and it's probably them (the rude person) that makes the surrounding tensed.

5. Your Misguided Opinion Is False But Cute

It's a way of saying that the opinion presented by the (rude) person can make the situation worse, and thus, they need to think twice before suggesting others.

6. I Would Explain It To You But I Have Neither The Time Nor The Crayons!

It means the other person (the person who is not rude) doesn't want to explain things to the rude ones, as there are fewer possibilities for them to understand the former's point of view.

7. Thanks For Sharing. We're All Refreshed And Challenged By Your Unique Point Of View

It's a funny way of making the person realise that the idea they are sharing is not new or unique, and there is no point in going forward with the same.

8. Please Cancel My Subscription To Your Issues

These lines may make the person realise that others do not need their advice or suggestions and do not want to be bothered.

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