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Janmashtami Recipes

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Krishna Janmashtami is a Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Sri Krishna. It is celebrated with great grandeur in Mathura and Brindavan; however, all other regions of India celebrate this festival in their own ways.

On the Janmashtami day, people celebrate the entire day by hosting prayers, fasting, dancing and singing, and mainly in preparing all the favourite snacks of Lord Krishna. Buttermilk, charanamrit, gopalkala and many other dishes are prepared and offered to the Lord as Naivedyam, whereas snacks and sweets like basundi, paneer kheer, sweet potato tikki, kuttu ke pakode, etc., are partaken during the day while fasting.

In South India, various deep-fried snacks like shankarpali, kodubale, murukku and many more are prepared and offered to Lord Krishna during the pooja. Butter is one of the main ingredients offered to the Lord as Naivedyam. After the pooja is done, the various dishes are partaken by all in the family or community.

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