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Simple Ways A Sibling Can Bond With A Newborn


Newborns and toddlers rarely get along, How many of you parents agree? According to experts it is necessary for your children to bond.

Parents should involve the sibling into doing little things for the newborn. For instance, if the sibling wants to look after the baby, parents just have faith and trust in the child.

It will be a little difficult for the parent to trust the child but in due course of time, the child will understand his responsibility to the newborn.

On the other hand these few tips which are mentioned here below will only help the two children bond and not create any sibling rivalry. The child should also understand That he is important in the life of the baby.

So parents, let's take a look at some of the ways in which you can make your child bond with his or her siblings.

Give The Older Child Responsibility: Before the newborn is born make the older child understand and be aware of the arrival. In this way he will know his responsibility of being the elder brother or sister to the new baby. On the other hand when the baby is born giving the older child little responsibilities like mixing the ceralac or helping around in looking after the baby.

Give The Older Child Alone Time With The Newborn: Parents should give their toddler a chance to look after the newborn. Place your trust in the child to look after the baby. But, make sure you be by their side , to monitor them.

Make The Older Child Feel Important: When the newborn comes into the world, parents should make it point to not sdow any difference between them. Treat both the children mutually and they won't feel left out.

Encourage The Older Child In All Possible Ways: As the older child is more understanding the parent should encourage the child to be good to the newborn. Giving the elder child motivation will only help in creating a better understanding between the kids.

The Pep Talk Works: Parents should give the older child a pep talk. Prepare him to love and Care for the child. These little ways If followed will only help The bond of the children to be deeper and stronger.

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