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Reasons Why You Must Potty Train Your Toddler


Understanding the importance of potty training your toddler will help you to take initiative for potty training their toddler at the right age. Majority of parents are concerned about potty training their children at the toddler age itself, but there are a certain percentage of parents who wait until their children reaches readiness to take an initiative.

You should know how to potty train your toddler and when to start it. There are some good reasons to potty train your child in an early age. It is difficult to specify a particular age to start potty training. But, it is better to be as early as possible once they reach an attitude of initiating and leading potty training. Know your child and you can easily decide when the time should be


It is good to know that toddlers have the maturity to learn potty training even most parents begin to potty train them. But, remember not to force them for potty training as this will make a negative association in the child’s mind. Here are some important reasons for potty training your toddler in the correct age.

Know physiological needs: Potty training your toddler at correct age will help them know how to respond to their physiological needs. This will in turn help them know their body and biological rhythm.

Hygiene education: Early potty training will be the best idea to teach your toddler about the importance of hygiene. You can simply associate the importance of hand washing also along with the potty training session.

Good habits: If you wonder how to potty train your toddler; the best solution will be to have a child-oriented approach. Exposing toddler to the concept of potty training will let them know more about clean habits.

Diaper free nights: Delayed potty training will force the child to use diapers at least in the night even when they are three or four years of age. Early potty training is the best solution for this as this will help them to avoid using diapers.

Healthy bowel movements: Insisting good toilet habits at an early age is good for the health of your toddler. More importantly, they will be aware of the bowel signals, when compared to the ‘diaper going’ which don’t need much of awareness.

Easy and effective: Potty training at an older age may require more time and effort, while it will be an easy process with a toddler at the correct age for potty training. Forcing the child will lead to behavioural problems and resistance from the child’s side.

Develops self-control: Using diaper may make the matter easier. But, it is not good as they don’t have to think of controlling their feeling. Early potty training will help them to practice self-control. If you know how to potty train your toddler, it will be an easy process.

Improve sense of independence: A properly trained toddler will be confident enough to handle his toilet need alone. This will induce a sense of independence because they themselves can feel the difference of leaving you free

Beneficial for parents: You can save the money that you spend on diapers, cleaning-wipes and diaper creams. It will give you flexible options while selecting nanny or day care. You child will grow up healthy with good hygiene education.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 18, 2015, 14:02 [IST]
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