Ways To Increase Toddler's Weight & Height

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Increase Toddler Weight
The growth and development of a toddler during the 1-3 years of age is best to encourage toddler's height. Most of the toddlers start growing after becoming 1 year old. The toddler's growth and body development is rapid and then it slows down after few years. During the first year, the baby is considered to increase by 50% length, but the toddler will only double this birth length by the age of 4 years. Don't get worried if your toddler is not growing taller. A healthy and nutritious diet can help in the growth and development of the toddler in height and weight. Lets check out the ways to increase the height and weight of the toddler:
  • If your toddler is underweight, consult a doctor. The doctor measures the body weight and height. Based on that the reasons behind the toddler's underweight can be known. Sometimes, it is hereditary and poor diet which stops or slower their growth.
  • Give food to the toddler at small intervals. Don't offer too much food at a time. Keep 2-3 hours break. Give in small amounts. It is advised to feed the toddler 6 times in a day.
  • Toddlers have low iron levels which makes them prone to anemia. Include iron rich food in the toddler diet. Kidney beans, black beans, lentils, soybeans, whole grains, cereals, bread and rice are few iron rich food.
  • Include high calorie food in the toddler diet to increase their weight. It also provides energy.
  • Encourage activities to increase the toddler's height. If the toddler is inactive then they become lazy and this decreases their body growth and development. Take them out and play with them.
  • Include calcium in the toddler diet to strengthen their bones and promote height growth of toddlers. Dairy products are rich in calcium. If your toddler doesn't like milk, try to give yogurt and cheese.
  • Zinc rich food not only increases the toddler weight but also their height. Oysters, fish, meat, watermelon seeds, peanuts and dark chocolate are few zinc rich food.

Use these tips to increase the toddler weight and height.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 17:11 [IST]
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