Ways To Increase Toddler's Weight & Height

By Shabana Kachhi

We parents are always worried about our kids' health, more so because of their erratic eating schedule.

Kids nowadays are so fixated with junk foods that they just refuse to eat the veggies that we serve to them.

Increase Toddler Weight

Kids especially need to eat right because the most important development happens between one to three years of age and healthy food will just fuel the body with the right kind of nutrition.

That is why, we moms are always behind our kids in an effort to make them eat their daily bowl of veggies.

In an age where the outer looks of a person is important in life, we all want our kids to grow up and have a good personality. The most important factor considered for a good personality is maintaining an ideal height and body weight.

A good height along with a good BMI makes for a great personality. Although weight can be managed effectively, height is something that is natural.

The optimum age for your child to undertake height-increasing exercises and food is between 3 and 11 years of age, or just before they hit puberty. This is the time when the body is secreting the HGH (Human growth hormone). Therefore, encouraging the body to produce more of this hormone will lead to an increase in height.

Here are certain ways which will enable you to increase your toddler's height and weight. Take a look.

For An Ideal Height:

1) Having a balanced diet:

A balanced diet full of height-increasing foods such as milk, eggs, whole grains and oatmeal fuel the body in the right way for it to secrete the HGH in plenty. It is important that our child is introduced to healthy and wholesome foods for a proper growth and development.

2) Adequate amount of protein:

Proteins are important building blocks for your body. Making sure that your child is getting all the protein he/she requires will boost the body's growth. Of all, vitamin B3 is considered to be most important for growing children. Foods such as chicken, soya bean or eggs will surely help your child get that ideal height.

3) Good source of energy:

Not just protein, your child needs energy from good sources. Carbohydrate from whole foods provides your child's body with the energy it needs to develop. Energy from whole wheat, oatmeal, and grains helps increase muscle mass and reduce the storage of fat.

4) Height-increasing exercises:

Apart from skipping or playing basketball, there are some physical exercises known to increase your child's height naturally. Encourage them to use the height bars at their favourite play ground, as hanging from those bars is known to stimulate the production of HGH in the body.

5) Regular sleeping schedule:

It is important in inculcate a regular sleeping pattern for your child, where they go to sleep at the same time every day. Good quality sleep for at least 8-10 hours will ensure their body gets adequate rest to grow properly.

6) Say no to a sedentary lifestyle:

Encouraging your children to indulge in outdoor activities will keep their body and mind active. Restricting their screen time and also taking them to nature walks will help their body get a healthy dose of oxygen.

For An Ideal Weight:

1) Counting calories:

It is important to keep a count of the calories that your child consumes on a daily basis. Make sure that the calories they consume is more than what is required by them to ensure that they are putting on weight.

2) Body building proteins:

In case of being underweight, ensure that your child is eating the right kinds of protein for muscle building.

3) Monounsaturated fats:

Foods high in good fats can be added to your child's diet to increase his/her weight.

4) Meals at regular intervals:

Also, ensure that they are having regular meals, so that the body does not have to burn the stored fat for energy.

5) The right kind of fruits:

Buttery fruits like avocados are good for increasing weight in kids, as they are full of healthy calories. Other fruits such as papaya and mangoes too are full of natural sugars. The benefit of these is that your kid will lap them up in no time.

6) No junk food:

Junk food causes an epidemic called obesity, which is linked to all the major lifestyle diseases. Restrict your kid's treats to once a month, in order to encourage healthy eating and maintain an ideal weight.

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