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What Is The Bradley Method Of Childbirth?

In this age of gender equality, the roles of individual parents are slowly diminishing. Not only are the responsibilities of parenting equally divided among both the parents, but the fathers are also a huge part of the pregnancy process as well. The Bradley method of birthing is one such method where the emphasis lies on the 'couple' rather than the 'mother'. Read on to know more about this method of birthing which is slowly gaining popularity in recent times.

What Is Bradley Method Of Childbirth?

Bradley method of birthing is basically a method of childbirth which encourages couples to give birth naturally, without any medical intervention. This helps the couples to understand the ways to manage the pains of labour and also assist them regarding other birth-related topics such as diet, nutrition postpartum recovery and even breastfeeding.

This method was introduced by American obstetrician Dr Robert Bradley in the 1940s. It is also called as 'Husband-coached childbirth' as a husband is known to play a very important part in supporting in wife through all the aspects of pregnancy, delivery and parenting.

The Bradley method of birthing was introduced at the time when pregnant women heavily relied on painkillers in order to manage the pain of labour. Moreover, C-sections were being chosen as the most painless ways of childbirth. Bradley method of childbirth was introduced to create awareness about the benefits of natural childbirth method for both the mother and the baby.

What Is The Philosophy Behind The Bradley Method Of Birthing?

The main philosophy behind the Bradley method of childbirth is to make the couples aware of the benefits of natural birth. The mothers are encouraged to eat balanced meals and take care of their bodies as it will guide them towards a painless and natural delivery. It also teaches certain breathing exercises and postures that will help ease the pain of labour.

The Bradley method of birthing also heavily emphasises on the involvement of the husband in the pregnancy. They are said to provide the right kind of emotional and physical support and also assurance that a mother needs during the crucial phase of pregnancy. The husband is taught to assist the wife with postures and breathing exercises in order to ease the delivery process. Also, as it is said that the mental state of the mother during the pregnancy heavily affects the baby, husbands play a part in bringing about mental wellness to the mother so that she delivers a healthy and happy baby.

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The Bradley method of birthing believes that in order for a normal and painless delivery, a labouring mother should be given a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, they understand the six needs of a labouring mother- known to be deep relaxation, abdominal breathing, quiet, darkness and solitude as well as closed eyes and partial sleep. It relies heavily on the assistance of a partner to bring the labouring mother to a calm state. They are also given a lot of techniques and positions to practise which will not only provide support to the mother but also ease the pain of delivery.

What Are The Advantages Of The Bradley Method Of Childbirth?

Due to the fact that Bradley method of birthing focuses heavily on the well being of the mother and the baby, they are finding more ground among today's populations. There are many advantages to this technique of birthing. Read on to know more.

1) Being a part of Bradley classes, you will learn everything you need to know about pregnancy and parenting.

Think about it as an extensive guide to your pregnancy. Your Bradley instructor will educate you about the diet and nutrition needs during pregnancy and after as well. They will also inform you about the changes that your body goes through. Issues such as parenting and breastfeeding are also touched upon in these classes.

2) Bradley method of childbirth is all about natural birth.

During the classes you will realise that giving birth is a completely natural process and a woman's body is already capable of going through the process without the need of painkillers or other medications. You will understand that these medications have ill effects on the health of your baby and you in the long run. The various postures and relaxation exercises will help you get through the process without any medical intervention at all and make you confident of giving natural birth.

3) The involvement of your partner will decrease your worries, literally.

Most women feel comfortable in the company of their partner, but most of the time partners are clueless and often cannot offer any comfort to the labouring mother. In Bradley childbirth classes, your partner will be taught how to read the signs and extend their complete support to you. In fact, they will also be trained to give proper support during the labour and in the postpartum period as well.

4) Bradley classes will help you spring back to good health shortly after pregnancy.

The postpartum period is also of utmost importance to the mother and the baby. The focus on postpartum nutrition will not only help you heal speedily after delivery but also ensure a good mother-baby bond.

When Can You Start Taking Bradley Method Classes?

Bradley classes can be started at around 5 months of pregnancy. This will ensure that your partner and you have enough time to learn all the techniques and positions. The programme usually lasts for twelve weeks with 12 units of instruction. It is, however, important to take the advice of your doctor before starting any of these classes so as to avoid any complications during birth.

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