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The Truth Of Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy brain is known by many names: baby brain, mommy brain, momnesia or pregnesia. It doesn't matter what fancy or quirky name you use, it is a condition that affects a large majority of pregnant women. It is a state of forgetfulness that often envelops the brain of a mom-to-be. she would walk into a room with a sense of purpose and then forget why she went in.

She would for get the lyrics of a favorite song. Many a times, she would be looking for a word which is on the tip of her tongue but can't recall it afterwards. Granted, these things happen to everyone at some point or the other; but it becomes a daily affair when pregnant moms are concerned. It is a condition that worsens as pregnancy progresses and it can stay with the new mom long after her baby is born.

There are people who suggest that such a thing doesn't exist and all the stress and anticipation of pregnancy causes the woman to experience a fake forgetfulness. They also say that it can be remedied by concentrating on the thing at hand and paying a closer attention to the day-to-day life activities. But any woman who has experienced pregnancy can vouch for the fact that pregnancy brain is not a myth and is a difficult reality to be living with.

Today, we shall discuss about the facts related to pregnancy brain.If you are a pregnant woman, read these and rest assured that theforgetfulness and brain fog that you are experiencing will go awaye ventually. If you are the spouse, the partner or someone close to the pregnant woman, this article will help you to understand what she is going through and be more supportive. Read on to know more.

There is physical evidence that supports the existence of baby brain

If the many stories of pregnant women about their baby brains aren't enough, science has brought forth evidence to support it. Studies say that the brain is physically and chemically altered during pregnancy. The way the brain reacts to hormones changes when pregnant. This can cause the woman to exhibit symptoms of baby brain.

The hormones that cause baby brain also helps mom-to-be well... 'mom'

The hormones like oxytocin, progesterone and growth hormone are known to contribute to the pregnancy brain. It is these hormones that help in the baby's development in the utero. Oxytocin helps in milk production. It is said that these things can make the mom more sharp to things related to the baby and the other areas of life do not get the same attentiveness which is known as baby brain.

It can make the pregnant mom clumsy

Pregnant women and new moms are famous for being clumsy. The baby bump, the loose joints and all the sleep deprivation can cause the woman to be clumsy. The brain fog of the baby brain doesn't help either. It advisable to be extra careful to prevent falls during pregnancy.

She is occupied with a lot more things than before

A pregnant woman has a thousand things running through her head. She worries about her diet, doctor appointments and exercise. She tries to get things ready for the baby's arrival and is busy preparing for the motherhood phase of her life. It is only natural that she is a little fogged up on the other things in her life.

You should not blame the baby brain for everything

While it is great that you are supportive and are aware of the possibility of pregnancy brain, you should not be quick to blame it for each and every mishap that happens. It can make the pregnant mamma feel down, more so if it happens in the first few months of pregnancy.

Evolution is the reason that pregnancy brain exists

As humans evolved, it became necessary that the babies be cared for more lovingly or more carefully when compared to the babies of other animals. Human babies are utterly helpless. They can talk, protect themselves or even flee from danger. They flourish in the presence of tender loving care. So, humans evolved to make mothers be more focused on their babies and the other things take a back seat.

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Lack of sleep causes pregnancy brain too

Everyone has felt a little less sharp when they are sleep deprived. Sleep helps our brain recharge and be alert when we wake up. Sleep is the one thing that evades a pregnant woman or a new mother. When pregnant, a woman will find it hard to sleep with the pregnant belly and the aches she is plagued with. When the baby is born, sleepless nights become the norm. Studies show that women get an average of fewer than 2 hours of sleep every night during the first year of the baby. It means, more than 700 hundred hours of sleep are lost. Is it still a surprise that pregnancy brain truly exists?

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