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Major Differences Between First & Second Pregnancies

By Ajanta Sen

The first pregnancy has always been a magical and delightful experience for a woman. You are too conscious about the physical and emotional changes happening to your body. You spend hours reading a plethora of pregnancy books and watching yourself in the mirror.

However, when you become pregnant again, things are totally different. Thus in order to make you aware of the major differences between the first and second pregnancy, below is a well-researched list:

  • Lesser Fears
  • Less Conscious
  • Room Decoration
  • Lesser Excitement
  • Less Eager About Observing Your Body Shape
  • Eating Happily
  • Fewer Books On Your Bookshelf

Lesser Fears

When you became pregnant for the first time, you were worried about everything. You had a lot of anxiety and inquisitiveness about how to take care of yourself as well as the unborn baby. You used to be concerned about which lipstick would be good, which shampoo would be safe for you, and each and every insignificant thing happening in your day to day life.

On the other hand, when you become lucky again for the second time, you have a carefree attitude. You don't become anxious about small things. Although concern for the little one will always be there, little things won't drive you mad like in your first pregnancy. This time you will be more confident regarding your pregnancy care and lifestyle.

Less Conscious

In your first pregnancy you used to sit and think about your pregnancy almost all the time. Whether you were at home or workplace, you used to be very conscious about taking nutritious food and medicines regularly. You used to constantly talk with your colleagues and family members about the symptoms and changes occurring in your body throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.

However during your second pregnancy, you will be less conscious about everything. The reason is you already have a kid who makes you run after him. You carry on with your day-to-day life without even realizing that you are pregnant again. The only time you become aware is when you have to take your prenatal vitamins. Nevertheless, this neglect makes it easier for the nine months to pass by much quickly.

Room Decoration

When your first child was arriving you were very keen to splurge on decorative items to decorate your new baby's room. You must have done a lot of research before deciding on wall colour, curtains, carpets and other furnishings for your baby's room.

However, in your second pregnancy you have already experienced that small babies really don't care about the decorative items and room décor. Thus, you would like to use the same room that you had used for your first kid. You won't worry much about the décor and will be much relaxed as compared to your first pregnancy.

Lesser Excitement

First time pregnancy always brings a lot of excitement to both parents as well as grandparents. There is a huge display of emotions as the very first baby of the family is supposed to arrive. It is a very proud moment for each and every member of the family. Thus, on getting this lovely news many people throw party for their close friends and relatives. On the other hand, when you get pregnant for the second time, the level of excitement is not the same as compared to your first pregnancy.

Less Eager About Observing Your Body Shape

When it was for the very first time you were very keen about watching your body shape and tummy. You loved to examine the changes taking place in your body each week. You would love to admire and touch your growing belly all the time.

However, during the second time, you will be less keen about looking at your body shape and tummy growth. You will be less concerned about how your body shape is changing or how much your stomach has inflated. The reason is you already had all these experiences during your first pregnancy, so the second baby doesn't make you that much keen or bothered.

Eating Happily

First time pregnancy made you stick to a harsh diet and you used to avoid non-vegetarian food, junk food and all kinds of unhealthy foodstuff. You also had a food list of what to eat and what to avoid during your pregnancy.

However, when you become pregnant for the second time, you may not stick to a very strict diet. You will prefer to eat non-vegetarian cuisines as well. You will like to gorge on whatever makes you feel happy keeping in mind that it should contain healthy nutrients as well.

Fewer Books On Your Bookshelf

When you were pregnant for the very first time you had all kinds of books related to pregnancy. Apart from reading books you also used to read a lot of articles and blogs. You also loved to interact will other would-be moms on various social networking sites. Your aim was to gather maximum information regarding fetal care, birth and pregnancy care.

When you became pregnant again, this time you will have little or no interest in reading so many books. The reason is you had already gathered a lot of info during your first pregnancy. Moreover, your first child will also keep you on your toes. So during your second pregnancy your bookshelf will hardly have any books related to pregnancy care.

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Story first published: Friday, July 6, 2018, 11:00 [IST]
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