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What Should You Know About The Lamaze Technique Of Birthing

Gone are the days when expecting mothers were expected to sit at home all day in order to avoid problems in their pregnancy. Nowadays, expecting mothers have a variety of programmes that they can attend, which will help them deal with pregnancy as well as childbirth.

Most of the expecting mothers nowadays are worried about the labour pain and wonder if they will be able to handle it. This may stem from a variety of videos or stories that they hear from their near and dear ones about the difficulties a mother faces during labour.

In today's technologically advanced society, obstetricians are increasingly recommending birthing classes to expecting mothers. These classes are designed to help the mother manage everything from their pregnant bodies to their babies after childbirth. A very popular culture among these classes is Lamaze.

If you have heard about your best friend attending Lamaze classes in their pregnancy and wonder what it is, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Lamaze and how it is increasingly helping mothers cope with labour pains.

What Is Lamaze Birth?

The Lamaze type of childbirth was started by a French obstetrician Dr Fernand Lamaze. The main aim of Lamaze is to increase the mother's confidence of giving birth naturally and to educate them about the birthing process.

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Lamaze is basically a method of childbirth where there is a huge focus on breathing control and the mother-baby connection, which is known to be effective in helping the mother manage the pains of labour and facilitate the process of natural childbirth.

In its days of inception, Lamaze only concentrated on breathing techniques. But the more evolved form of it also involves a lot of exercises and mental techniques along with spousal support to make childbirth more of a happy experience to the parents.

What Is The Philosophy Behind The Lamaze Birth?

During the time when there was an increase in the number of Caesarean sections, Lamaze method of childbirth focused on educating the mothers to opt for the natural method of childbirth and to help them understand that a woman's body is naturally capable of dealing with the pain of childbirth.

The philosophy behind Lamaze birth is based on the following facts:

1) Birth is normal - Lamaze believes that childbirth is natural to a woman and that there is nothing to worry about.

2) Childbirth not only affects the mother but also everyone that is directly involved in her life. That is why spouses are increasingly becoming a part of the Lamaze classes along with their expecting better halves.

3) A mothers' instinct naturally guides you through the process of childbirth. Taking Lamaze classes will only help them understand their instincts and follow it.

4) It is important to provide a safe haven for the process of childbirth. The Lamaze technique stresses on the fact that the place of birth is essential in the birthing process. If the mother feels at ease, she is naturally less stressed.

5) A woman should receive all the information about the process of childbirth beforehand. This is important and helps the mother make informed decisions, as many hospitals are known to have vested interests in such cases.

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What Are The Benefits Of Lamaze Birth?

Natural birth is said to be extremely beneficial for the health of both mother and the baby. Many women nowadays opt for a C-section as they dread the consequences of labour pain. Lamaze helps create awareness among women by making them physically as well as emotionally equipped to deal with labour pain.

Lamaze birth prepares the mother for the process of natural childbirth. It believes that the mind has to be prepared first and the body will automatically follow.

The most important thing taught in Lamaze classes is deep breathing exercises. These are said to be extremely beneficial in managing labour to a large extent.

Lamaze experts may help you understand the different positions of childbirth to choose what works best for you.

It also reduces the stress of childbirth from the mother and involves their spouses and other family members for support.

Lamaze classes focus on the post-partum period of mothers as well. Many new mothers are anxious when it comes to taking care of their newborns and are at a high risk of post-partum depression.

When Do You Start Taking Lamaze Classes?

Lamaze experts usually recommend taking birthing classes like Lamaze during the 6-7 months of pregnancy. This is the time when you are able to feel the baby and make a connection with them. Also, taking classes at this time will help you prepare mentally for the arrival of your baby.

Lamaze classes often involve some exercises. Therefore, it is always better to talk to your gynaecologist before enrolling yourself in such classes to keep away from problems in pregnancy.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 29, 2018, 15:00 [IST]
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