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Is There A Safe Way To Abort An Early Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the miracles of human life, wherein one is able to welcome a new life into the earth. Not every woman is able to get pregnant and people usually look forward to this phase of life with a lot of expectations.

However, a key aspect of pregnancy is the fact that it is enjoyable only if the same happens at the correct time and place. If it does not happen, society frowns upon the same. In such a case, it is fair to give the mother a chance to abort her unborn child.

Another situation wherein one would want to abort an unborn child is when the couple already has a number of kids and does not want it any more. Needless to say, abortion is a choice that people make only in unwanted pregnancies.

Now, abortion is an option that is pretty harsh on the body. Opting for this at just any random point of your pregnancy might prove to be detrimental to the health of the mother as well. Speaking from a legal point of view, most countries permit abortion in the first trimester.

Medically, a termination of pregnancy is best completed in the early stages, somewhere between the fifth and tenth weeks of pregnancy. Read on to know more about the safe ways to abort an early pregnancy.

1. Manual Vacuum Aspiration

In this method, the doctor uses a quiet, hand-held instrument to remove the pregnancy tissue. The advantage here is the fact that there is no internal bleeding and the process takes about five minutes, following which one can resume their normal day-to-day activities. This method is safer as compared to most other methods because of the fact that there is no scraping, no electric suction and no sedation involved. The woman does not really go through much of a pain, as there is not any cramping involved as well.

2. Abortion Pill

This is a pill that has to be prescribed by a doctor and can be taken up to the ninth week of pregnancy. What this pill does is to block the hormones of pregnancy and initiate an early miscarriage. This is a little painful, as there the woman has to go through a lot of cramps. Usually, people need to take separate painkillers to deal with the cramps. Also, one has to follow up with the doctor to ensure that the pregnancy has actually been terminated. However, on a positive note, the advantage here is the fact that the entire process is carried out within the privacy of your home.

3. Consumption Of Papaya

The phytochemicals that are present in papaya contain contraceptive properties. It contains oxytocin and prostaglandin that are known to boost labor contractions in the delivery process. That is why, if you are planning to induce an abortion in the early weeks of pregnancy, you can go beyond the ripe papaya and also have a taste of the unripe or green one. The unripe papaya is loaded with prostaglandin, a component that must be avoided in pregnancy to avoid any complications.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a herb that is used to stimulate the uterus. Taking this early on in the pregnancy tells the body that it is ready for labour. This in turn triggers an abortion. However, a point that must be noted in this context is the fact that a small quantity of cinnamon will not do you any harm. Hence, make sure that you consume cinnamon in sufficient quantities to be able to reap the results. Also, make sure that you consume at least some amount of this herb in its raw form. By cooking the cinnamon on fire, one ensures that the components that are present in it lose their effectiveness.

5. Go For Excessive Exercise

Going for heavy exercise during pregnancy can often prove to be fatal for the baby. Hence, if you want to consider easier ways of abortion in the early weeks of pregnancy, you can always go for heavy weight-lifting, running or skipping. Repeated climbing of stairs for hours on end may also prove to be beneficial. However, before you opt for this measure, it is a wise practice to consult your doctor. For, in case you do it wrong, there might be no looking back and you might not be able to conceive ever again.

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