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Is It Okay Being Intimate With Your Pregnant Wife?

By Subodini Menon
Intercourse during pregnancy healthy, Find out here|प्रेग्‍नेंसी के दौरान सेक्‍स है फायदेमंद|Boldsky

Congratulations! You are soon going to enter fatherhood! You are probably very excited about the news of the pregnancy and you surely cannot wait to see your little one.

But you do have to wait 9 long months before that happens. In these nine months, all the attention will be on your partner. You will have to support her through the hard and long months of pregnancy; however, you too will have your own set of troubles, doubts and problems as you journey through some of the most important days of your life. One of them is surely about being intimate with your partner while she is pregnant.


It is seen that some men find their pregnant wives irresistible. And there are some others who see their wives as a sacred body that is nurturing a life and hence, cannot be attracted to them while they are pregnant.

A different set of men avoid being sexually intimate with their wives just because they are scared that they may hurt their baby in the stomach.

Today, we shall talk about the things that you should keep in mind as a dad-to-be when the topic of being intimate with your pregnant wife arises. We shall take a look at the various misconceptions, erase the doubts you may have and find solutions to the problems that may arise while in bed with your pregnant wife.

Read on to know more.


It Is Really Possible That Your Wife Is Truly Exhausted

There are a few things that can be as exhausting as making a baby. Your partner is changing physically and emotionally. The strain that all these changes coupled with the hormones cruising through her vein will make her extremely feel tired.

More so in the first trimester. If your wife wants to go to bed early or is not up for a good time, do not be offended. If you feel that she is tired all the time, talk to the doctor, as she may be suffering from anaemia (iron deficiency anaemia).


2.It Is Also Possible That You Find It Hard To Keep Up With Your Partner

While some women are too tired to do anything, there are others that find pregnancy brings an increased sexual drive. This is due to the fact that the pregnancy and its increased blood flow cause the vulva to be engorged and more sensitive than usual.


3.The Best Time To Be Sexually Intimate - Second Trimester

The second trimester is considered to be the best time to make love to your partner during the pregnancy. The first trimester is ridden with problems such as morning sickness, nausea, lack of energy, hormonal disturbances and anxiety.

The third trimester will be spent being ready to pop, she will be suffering from all kinds of aches and will be stressed about the up-coming child birth that she will have to face in the near future.

The second trimester is the best time for a baby moon. Your partner will be glowing with the hormones and will also have a renewed burst of energy. She will experience an increase in libido during the second trimester.


4.You Won't Hurt Your Baby During The Act Of Love Making

The most common fear that a dad-to-be will have is that he would hurt his baby if he is intimate with his pregnant wife. Rest assured that your baby is protected and very safe inside its mother's womb. Your wife's cervix is sealed off by the means of a mucus plug, which is only expelled at child birth or a few days before it.


5.What If The Baby Knows That You Are Doing The Deed

Another hang up most fathers-to-be have about love making with their pregnant wives is that they may scar their unborn baby. This is impossible. Your baby may feel the movement but the baby is used to such movements when your partner walks fast or rides a bus.


6.One Thing You Must Not Do While Being Intimate

There is one thing that you should keep in mind if you are pleasing her orally. You must take care that no air is forced into her vagina, as it may cause embolism, which in turn may lead to the blockage of a blood vessel. This can turn into a life-threatening condition.


7.Being Rough In The Bed May Not Be An Option Any More

While it is not possible to hurt your partner or your baby during an intercourse, it will be wise to abstain from being too rough in the bed. Putting too much pressure or weight can be uncomfortable if not painful to your partner.


8.Try New Positions To Make Love

Your favourite position of love making may not be feasible or practical when your wife is pregnant. She loses flexibility, as her womb expands to accommodate the growing baby.

She will also suffer from aches, pains and cramps that can make it difficult to have sex in certain positions. Try new ways to make love and find the one that excites you and also makes your partner comfortable. It is best not to try the missionary way after the first four months of pregnancy, as it calls for your partner to be on her back.

This will put undue pressure on important blood vessels. It is for the same reason that pregnant women are asked to avoid sleeping on their backs.


9.Try Not To Be Smelly

Your wife's sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy. if you smell bad, even slightly, chances are that she will stay away from you. Some scents and perfumes, even those that she previously loved, can seem unbearable to her.

If she complains about your odour, understand her and try not to take it personally. Try to be clean enough to keep stinky smells away. At the same time, scented products must also be avoided.


10.It Is True That Sexual Intercourse Can Cause Labor

Your semen contains a hormone named prostaglandin and its job is to stimulate a pregnant woman's cervix and create contractions. If you are not close to the due date and the pregnancy has been healthy, contractions will not be induced and premature labor will not happen.

On the other hand, you can use this knowledge in your favour. If your baby is overdue, a little hanky panky in the bed can move things a little bit.


11.Times When You Must Abstain From Intercourse

If your partner has a history of pre-term labor, keep away from love making. It is also advised that you do not do the deed if your partner suffers from placenta pervia or cervical insufficiency. If you have an STD of some sort, you must not engage in a sexual intercourse either.

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