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How To Ensure To Conceive A Baby In A Month

Conceiving a child will be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. But such a thing will happen only if you are prepared to welcome the baby with open arms. For that, a significant amount of planning is involved on the part of both the partners.

Now, having planned all of it, you are ready to conceive a child and you do not want to waste even a moment at it. You just want to conceive a child in the very next month and in less than a year, you want to hold your little one in your arms.

While the reason for the same may range from your biological clock ticking to that of your astrologer prescribing the same, the fact remains that conceiving so soon may not be as easy as it sounds.

To help you through it, here is a set of tips that will help you conceive your child within the next month itself. Most of these are actually related to the mother-to-be, but that in no way stops the father from making an active participation in the same

1. Get The Track Records Of Your Menstrual Cycle

Each woman has a menstrual cycle that is unique to her. If you really want to conceive soon, it is important for you to track your periods. By doing so, you will be able to calculate the day of your ovulation.

Scientifically speaking, ovulation is when an egg is released from your ovary every month. Now, an egg is the most fertile some 12 to 24 hours after its release from the body. Thus, if you can plan to have sex in and around this time, you will be increasing your chances of you getting pregnant.

2. Strive For A Healthy Body Weight

It has been seen that women with an ideal BMI are at higher chances of being pregnant. Those with a high BMI find it difficult to conceive, whereas women with low body weight are more likely to suffer from a miscarriage. This is because having an excess amount of body fat results in the production of more amount of estrogen.

This extra estrogen interferes with ovulations, thereby affection a woman's fertility. On the other hand, women who are too thin often do not have regular periods which, in extreme cases, could even cause them to stop ovulating. Hence, getting your BMI to the ideal range is one of the first steps that you must take while trying to conceive a baby.

3. Avoid Junk Food

It is important that your body gets the vital nutrients of calcium, protein and iron in order to prepare itself to have a baby. The first thing that you can do in this regard would be to make dry fruits and vegetables a part of your daily routine. Include dairy products and whole grains in your daily meal and make sure that you keep away from junk food and aerated beverages.

Cheese and deep fried products are particularly bad for you. Consumption of green tea is highly encouraged. While trying to get pregnant, make sure that you consume lower amounts of high mercury fish, as those are known to lower the fertility rate of both men and women.

These types of fish include swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish and shark. However, salt water fish is not harmful for you and you can opt for the same.

4. Kick The Butt

Nicotine and carbon monooxide are compounds that are found in cigarettes, These speed up the loss of a woman's eggs by ageing her ovaries Hence, the first thing to do while trying to conceive would be to avoid smoking. In fact at such times, you must try to keep yourself safe from passive smoking as well.

Recreational drugs like marijuana must also be avoided in order to ensure a smooth conceiving. The father should also quit smoking for the said period in order to accelerate the process of conceiving. This small investment on the part of the couple will go a long way in producing a healthy child.

5. Cut Down On Strenuous Physical Work

While it is advisable that you go for a certain amount of physical activity in order to prepare your body for the toils of pregnancy, the fact remains that overdoing the same will take a toll on your ovulation. Hence, if you are serious about conceiving a child, it is time that you should cut down on over tiring physical activities. If you exhaust yourself physically, you are actually lowering your chances of having a child anytime soon.

6. Be Aware Of Age-related Fertility Issues

Your age plays a significant role in your fertility. Thus, if you are someone in your 30s, it is important for you to realize that conceiving may not be as easy for you as it was a decade ago. Thus, you will take longer to get pregnant and you must be mentally prepared for the same. Also, if you plan to conceive a child the very next month, it is advisable that you consult a gynecologist immediately in order to eliminate the chances of having endometriosis, blockage of fallopian tubes or uterine fibroids. This will ensure a smoother pregnancy for you once you do conceive.

7. Take Pre-natal Vitamin

As is obvious from the nature of the tablets, these are meant to be taken while you are pregnant. However, starting off early with these medications actually increases your chances of getting pregnant. This is particularly true in the case of folic acid, because a number of pregnant women are seen to suffer from anaemia and iron deficiency from the first few weeks itself and the same becomes very difficult to get rid of in the later stages of pregnancy. Thus, it is advisable that you equip your body with iron and all other vital nutrients before you think of conceiving a child.

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