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A Guide To Naturally Conceive Twin Babies

By Sreya Dutta

It is quite more common than we think, the fact that couples often wish for twin babies for a wide range of varying reasons. If you are one of those who wishes to conceive twins, it is of utmost importance that you are well aware of the fact that although there are both medical as well as various natural methods that might increase your chances of conceiving twin babies or multiple babies, there is no method that could possibly guarantee you that with absolution.

Before you attempt to conceive twins or multiples, you should keep in mind the fact that there are some higher risks that are involved in the same. Such health risks include premature cord clamping risks, risk of premature birth of babies because of risks of an early induction.

It will be good for you to have a doctor who is suitable and trustworthy during such situations, nearby, to support you and take a proper care of your health if you are pregnant with twin babies.

About The Statistics

When it comes to conceiving twins, before you attempt to do it, you should be well aware of the statistics surrounding it. Well researched and proven statistics say that an average woman has about a chance of 3% at conceiving twin babies. Statistically addressed, the African women have much higher chances of conceiving twin babies, while the Asian women have relatively lower chances of the same.

Having more babies can also drastically increase one's chances of conceiving twins in their future pregnancies. Conceiving identical twin babies is possible for anyone, while conceiving fraternal twin babies usually has to run in the family of the mother since hyperovulation being generally a generic or hereditary thing, it often has to run in one's family.

Here is the Guide To Naturally Conceive Twin Babies

If you wish to have twin babies, we have listed below some of the best ways to increase your chances at conceiving twins:

1. Folate: There have been research and studies that have proved the fact that women who have folinic acid or folate (relatively much preferable to artificial folic acid) have an increase of a massive 40% in their chances of getting impregnated with twin babies. Folate should really help a woman fulfill their dreams of giving birth to twins up to 40%.

2. Cassava: Cassava is an African variant of the popular sweet potato. And it is much believed to radically cause hyperovulation, that in turn successfully increases one's chances of conceiving twins or multiple babies. After a lot of research with plenty of varying brands, it is evident that Cassanovum is quite popular to have showcased the best results and it should be your best choice of purchase. This contains folate and has been made with the most potent parts of the plant, along with plenty of other varying herbs that will successfully help you with your twin pregnancy.

3. Dairy: There have been studies that have proven that women with a higher consumption of dairy will more likely conceive twin babies. The reason behind this might be because of the IGF or the Insulin-like Growth Factor in the cows and also most probably because of some crucial hormones they have been administered with. To sum up, consuming more dairy might help you a lot in conceiving twins.

4. Age: Research and studies have shown that women who are older generally produce more amounts of the follicle stimulating hormone or FSH. This in turn increases their chances of dropping eggs in multiple numbers. However, fertility being tricky, the rates also tend to go down with the increase in the age of women. This is why, waiting for too long might also lower your chances of getting impregnated.

5. Hyperovulation: Hyperovulation refers to the phenomenon during ovulation, when eggs of two or more in number drop. This might happen because of a variety of reasons ranging from age, menopause, taking cassava, genetics or due to other various hormonal reasons.

6. Family And Genetics: Due to a genetic hyperovulation in the family, if the family of the mother tends to have twins in it, then her chances of conceiving twin babies is relatively much higher.

7. Weight And Height: With studies and research to support this subject, it is believed that those women who have medium to tall height or a relatively higher weight have much higher chances of conceiving twin babies.

8. Magnesium And Calcium: With anecdotal evidences to prove this case, there have been quite many cases that support the fact that taking the combination of magnesium and calcium can radically increase the chances of conceiving twin babies. Although it is strongly advisable that one should first check the proper dosage with their chemist or doctor. This combination might also increase one's chances of conceiving females.

9. Stopping Birth Control: If one happens to have been on the hormonal birth control quite a while for at least about 6 months or even longer and then suddenly stops the hormonal birth control, it will take them several cycles before their body finally adjusts to this sudden change. This might increase their hormonal levels and in turn, also their chances of dropping multiple eggs or conceiving twin babies.

10. Maca Root: Maca root is a common peruvian treatment for fertility that is believed to drastically increase one's chances of conceiving twins. However, there are a few common side effects that might come along with Maca root such as drastic mood swings and certain other issues. This is why, it's important to do a proper research and dose it correctly before planning to do this.

11. Pineapple Core: The pineapple core containing bromelain in the highest of concentrations, is anecdotally supposed to drastically increase one's chances of implantation after their ovulation. However, also being associated with miscarriage and contractions with over use or improper use, it is strongly advisable that one should use it with care and lots of proper and thorough research. You can take this as a pill or in its raw form.

12. Medical Methods: If you take fertility drugs (only and strictly under medical supervision and with prescription) such as Clomid, or go through multiple egg implantation via IVF, you might have much better chances of conceiving twins or multiples.

13. More Babies: There are much higher chances of conceiving twin babies with the more babies one gives birth to. The more one gives birth, the more are their chances of getting impregnated with twins or even multiples.

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