The Best Body Posture To Follow During Pregnancy

By Subodini Menon

Pregnancy is counted among the best times in a woman's life. Women tend to cherish this time and look back at it with fondness for the rest of their lives. But the duration of pregnancy is not always a bed of roses. 

Lucky are those women who sail through the nine months of pregnancy. Most women face problems during this time that range from minor discomfort to major issues. One way to avoid complications and trouble during this time is to maintain a good body posture during pregnancy.

Everything changes in a woman's body during the 9 months of pregnancy, including the physiology. The growing foetus puts the body of the pregnant woman under a huge stress and pressure.

Best Body Posture For Pregnancy

The organs in her body are squished and they are moved out of the way as the baby grows. The bone structure has to make up for the added weight and has to support the protrusion of the abdomen. The vasculature of the body undergoes similar changes.

When the body is under changes of such immense proportions, it becomes necessary for the pregnant woman to modify her posture to suit the new changes. Doing so will help prevent complications during the pregnancy and also after the child birth.

Today, we shall be discussing about some of the ways in which you can modify your posture to make your pregnancy a happy and comfortable one. Read on to know more.

Best Body Posture For Pregnancy

How To Stand During Pregnancy?
The position of the head
Make sure that your head is straight up and your chin is in. the head should not be positioned in a way that it tilts sideways, backwards, forward or downwards.

Maintain the earlobes in line with the middle of the shoulders for a correct posture during pregnancy.

The position of the chest
The chest should be placed forward with your shoulder blades back. This will help in straightening your back.

Keep your knees straight
Never lock your knees, as it will cause a huge pressure to be put on your knees. But make sure that they are straight.

The position of the pelvis
Your pelvis should not be tilted backwards or forwards. Your buttocks should be tucked inwards.

Balancing your weight
Balance your weight evenly on both your feet. The feet should both be facing in the same direction.

Avoid high heels or flat-soled shoes. Choose shoes or footwear that support the arches of your feet. Low heels might be more appropriate for this.

Do not stand for a long time
Make sure that you do not stand in the same position for long periods of time. Always move your legs every few minutes once.

Best Body Posture For Pregnancy

How To Sit During Pregnancy?
The position of the back and the shoulders
While sitting, make sure that your back is kept straight and the shoulders are thrown back. This will make your back bone straight.

Back support
Try to make use of a back support while sitting at a desk. Use a lumbar roll or a pregnancy pillow that is easily available in the market. You can also use a small towel that can be rolled up to create the same effect.

Do not sit for a long time
Do not sit in the same position for over 30 minutes.

Adjusting your chair

The height of your chair should be adjusted in a way that you are right up and close to the work station or your desk. Keep your shoulder relaxed and use the arm rest or the desk to place your elbows and arms.

Do not twist at your waist
Most workplaces offer chairs that can pivot or turn. If you need to turn around, make sure that you turn your whole body instead of twisting at your waist.

Standing up from a seated position
When getting up from the chair, do not stand by bending forward using your waist. Instead, stand up by straightening your legs.

Stretching exercises
Look up for some back stretches that are safe to practice during pregnancy. Do these stretches when you get up every 30 minutes or so.

In case of back pain
If you suffer from back pain, do not sit for long periods. Only sit for 10 minutes at a time

Best Body Posture For Pregnancy

How To Sleep Or Lie Down During Pregnancy?
Positions to avoid while lying down
The most important position to avoid sleeping in during pregnancy is flat on your back or on your stomach. Lying flat on the back can cause excessive load on the heart. The baby can compress the inferior vena cava vein and can cause the blood supply to the baby to become low.

Sleeping on your back can cause backache
Believe or not, sleeping on your back during pregnancy can actually cause backache rather than relieving it.

Best Body Posture For Pregnancy

The best position to sleep
The best position is to sleep on your sides. The left side is thought to be the best position to sleep in when pregnant. When rolling over to the other side, make sure that you are slow and gentle.

How To Lift Things When Pregnant?
Do not lift heavy objects
It is best not to lift heavy objects when pregnant. Always ask for help to lift things when it is available.

Get a firm grip
Make sure that you have a good footing before you attempt to lift things.

If the object is below your waist level

If the thing you wish to lift is below your waist level, never bend at your waist to pick it up. Instead, keep your back straight. Use your knees and bend your legs to go down and lift the object. When setting the object down, use the same method.

Holding things
If you are holding a heavy object, hold it close to your body. Tuck your tummy in and do not use it to support the object. Take slow and steady steps to walk.

If the object is above the level of your head

If the object is above the level of your head, get as close to the object as possible. You should be sure about the weight of the object you are about to lift. If the object is heavier or lighter than you anticipated, the motion might prove to be difficult and even dangerous.

Do not climb
Do not attempt to climb up on a ladder or other objects to reach things far above your reach. Doing this will create a risk of falling down. Ask for help or wait until help is available to get the thing down.

Use both your arms
Always use both your hands to lift, hold or set things down. Make sure that the weight of the object is evenly distributed.

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