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Avoid These Domestic Tasks During Pregnancy

Your body needs to pass through a tough phase during pregnancy. So, it is better to not trouble it more at that time.

Eating good food, performing mild exercise and maintaining a peaceful state of mind are the best things to do during pregnancy. Take the help of your partner and other family members and ensure that you allow your body to relax.

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Here are some of the household tasks to stay away from, when you are pregnant.



When you are pregnant, it isn't advisable to get into general household cleaning chores.

The problem is with the cleaning agents in the detergents and other products. Certain reactive substances could cause allergic reactions. During pregnancy, your body tends to be more sensitive.



This is another reason to avoid household cleaning. Too much of bending during cleaning is risky. It could even inflame the sciatic nerve.



During pregnancy, your joints and ligaments tend to soften a bit. This will make it difficult to involve in laborious tasks. Hiring a domestic help for tasks like mopping and dusting is better.



If you have a domestic cat at home, never try to clean the fecal matter. The parasites present in it could be more harmful during pregnancy.



Some bathroom cleaning products release fumes. They are harmful during pregnancy. So, ask your domestic help to handle that task.



Avoid washing clothes too. Bending and getting up to wash clothes may not be so convenient with your baby bump. Also, the slippery surface in your washing area could be risky. You can't afford to slip during pregnancy!



Any task that involves lifting heavy objects could be very risky. It is bad for your back. Climbing ladders is strictly not recommended.

This way, try to avoid such activities during pregnancy. But if you have nobody to help you out, take certain safety precautions.

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