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Why Pregnant Women Need To Take The Glucose Challenge Test?

Have you heard of glucose challenge test? Generally, it is recommended to undergo a glucose screen test during pregnancy. It is done between the 25th and 28th week.

The main objective of the test is to check whether the pregnant woman is suffering from gestational diabetes which is a condition that raises blood glucose levels.

Almost 3-5% of pregnant women tend to develop this condition. Generally, certain hormonal changes and eating unhealthy foods can raise the risk of gestational diabetes. Here are some facts.

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Routine Urine Test

If a urine test during the initial stages of pregnancy shows high sugar levels then the glucose challenge test is done before the 24th week itself.


What If One Is Diabetic?

Women who have diabetes even before pregnancy need not take the glucose challenge test. Instead, they need to take precautions to ensure that the pregnancy is safe.


How Is The Test Done?

Generally, a sugar solution is offered. It contains 50grams of sugar. After drinking, the pregnant woman needs to wait for an hour and then undergo the glucose challenge test. This way, the body's ability to process sugar will be tested.


Is The Test Necessary?

Nowadays, almost all pregnant women are undergoing this test in order to rule out the chances of gestational diabetes.


This Test Is A Must For...

Women whose BMI is high, women who get pregnant after 35 and women who have diabetes in their family history need to go for the glucose test without fail.

Facts About Gestational Diabetes


Why Diagnose Gestational Diabetes?

Diabetes during pregnancy could raise the risk of labour complications, birth defects and certain other problems. Diagnosing the problem could help you take certain precautions to make the pregnancy safer.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 14:44 [IST]
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