Stay Away From These 8 Foods If You Want To Avoid Miscarriages!

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One of the biggest fears all pregnant women experience, is the fear of going through a miscarriage. A miscarriage can leave a very negative impact on the woman's psyche. There are a few common foods you must stay away from in order to avoid miscarriages.

As we know, pregnancy is a very sensitive phase in a woman's life, in which she has to take extremely good care of herself and also her baby growing in the womb.

Even a slight mistake during pregnancy can lead to undesirable consequences, induced by certain health complications that can affect both the mother and the child.

The nutrition and diet habits of the mother play an important role during pregnancy, because whatever the mother consumes reaches the baby in her womb.

So, the healthier the mother eats during her pregnancy, the lesser chances of health complications.

Now, there are some foods that a pregnant woman must never consume, because they can induce a miscarriage, causing her to lose her child. Have a look at the list of foods here.


1. Unwashed Vegetables And Fruits

Unwashed vegetables and fruits may contain various harmful microbes that can induce infections, eventually leading to a miscarriage.


2. Too Much Coffee

Drinking excess amounts of coffee during pregnancy can also cause miscarriages, as excess caffeine can produce a lot of body heat in the woman.


3. Excess Green Tea

Research studies have claimed that drinking more than a cup of green tea per day can also cause miscarriages, as green tea also contains caffeine.


4. Litchi

Litchi is yet another fruit pregnant women must avoid, as it can increase the body heat, causing vaginal bleeding and miscarriages.


5. Sprouted Potato

A scientific study has claimed that there is a compound known as solanin in sprouted potatoes that can damage the foetus and even induce miscarriages.


6. Sesame Seed

Sesame seed is yet another ingredient that can boost a woman's body heat during pregnancy, specially when mixed with honey, causing miscarriages.


7. Liver

If you are a meat eater, then you must avoid eating animal liver, as it is extremely rich in vitamin A, that can cause feotal deformities and miscarriages.


8. Fish

Certain varieties of fish are high in mercury content which can also cause spontaneous abortions in pregnant women; hence, they must be avoided.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 5, 2017, 15:44 [IST]
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