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Can You Eat Sushi During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is an amazing experience. It brings with it challenges physically, emotionally and spiritually. Dealing with these changes and facing the transition into motherhood is a wonderful challenge, which most women may deal with.

Are you pregnant? Then, you might have been doing a lot of research on the dos and don'ts. Among these, the most important one is about safe-food options. During pregnancy, it is important to have a control on what you eat. Nutritious food is in high demand for the growth and development of your baby.

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Sushi is the favourite dish of most people. But, when it is all about the pregnancy diet, you have to be careful about your likes. Sushi or Sumeshi is the Japanese preparation of cooked vinegared rice. It is mixed with other ingredients like seafood, vegetables, fish and occasionally tropical fruits.

There is no conclusive evidence that eating sushi during pregnancy can do any harm. However, it is important to be aware of the risks of eating sushi during pregnancy. Take it in moderate amounts only.

Today, we will discuss whether eating sushi during pregnancy is safe or not.


Moderation Is The Key

Eating sushi during pregnancy usually won't do any harm to the mother or baby. But, make sure that you are taking this only in moderate amounts to be on the safer side. It is more important when sushi is made from large fish.


Small Fish Sushi Preparation

It is recommended not to take big fish during pregnancy. The main reason behind this is the chance of the fish containing more mercury. Intake of mercury is not good for the growth and development of your baby.

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If It Is Frozen

Make sure that sushi is frozen. Small parasitic worms like anisakis present in raw fish such as salmon can cause a condition known as anisakidosis.

This can cause health problems or allergies. However, freezing and proper cooking of this raw fish kills the worms present in the fish and thus makes it safe to eat.


Avoid Mercury-Containing Fish

Sushi made of fish containing a high level of mercury should be completely avoided during pregnancy, as it is toxic to the nervous system. Avoid consuming fish like Tilefish, Sword fish, Shark and King mackerel, as these contain a high level of mercury.

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No Raw Fish Sushi

Eating sushi during pregnancy with raw fish can cause food poisoning. But there is no need to completely give up your favourite sushi. You can enjoy sushis that are fully cooked or enjoy some vegetarian varieties as well.

We suggest you to go for California rolls, which contain steamed crab,

cooked eel, real crab meal or cooked jumbo shrimp.


Fish To Avoid

We recommend you to avoid sushis made with the following fish when you are pregnant.

1. Mackerel, horse mackerel and Spanish mackerel

2. Adult yellow tail, young yellow tail, very young yellow tail

3. Swordfish

4. Sea bass and young sea bass

5. Blue marlin

6. Big-eye and young big-eye

7. Yellow fin tuna and albacore tuna

If you are eating sushi during pregnancy from a restaurant don't forget to ask whether the fish used in it has previously been frozen and cooked or not.

So, have a balanced diet and a healthy pregnancy!!

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