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What Causes Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy?

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If you experience abdominal pain when you are pregnant, the first thing to do is consult a doctor. If it is a minor issue like indigestion or acidity then it can be cured.

But in some cases, nagging pain could be a symptom of something more serious. Actually, some women experience slight pain in the abdomen during the first trimester.

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Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy: Causes

The reason behind that could be the expansion of the uterus that could cause constipation and some digestive issues. But pains during the second and third trimester should not be taken easily. Here are some reasons.


Frequent Urination?

If the symptoms are frequent urination, itching sensation or burning sensation then it is better to check whether it is due to urinary tract infection.



If the abdominal pain results in bleeding, spotting or cramping then it could also be due to a miscarriage. Consult a gynecologist immediately.

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Ectopic Pregnancy

Even ectopic pregnancy could cause abdominal pain as well as bleeding especially during the 6-10 weeks.



In some cases, when the placenta starts tearing the wall of the uterus, constant pain may be experienced around the abdomen.

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Preterm Labour?

If the pain accompanies contractions during the last phase of pregnancy, then it could also signify preterm labour.

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