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What The Father Does Matters To The Foetus


What the father does in his lifetime can highly affect the foetus or the unborn child. Surprised? Well, according to recent studies, it is not only the mother who is responsible for the child she is carrying in the womb, but the father is also equally answerable.

If you look at the minute facts, it is the father who delivers the sperm cells and the one out of that million enters the egg cell of the woman and fertilises it.

The sperm contains the DNA or the entire gene collection (called the genome) of the man, therefore, 90 per cent of the traits and personalities lie in the father itself.

Relating to this fact, experts advise men to pay attention to their lifestyle and keep off the bad habits that could have an adverse effect on their off-spring.

Drinking, drug addiction, smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle are some of the main causes for the foetus being unhealthy.

So, gentlemen if you want to bring healthy babies into this world, it is time you watch every move you make.

You are the ones who will provide a healthy sperm to make a baby, so get rid of those habits that can ruin your chances of becoming a father.

So, take a look at how a father's role plays an important part in the life of a foetus:



Men who smoke could give their unborn baby asthma, even if they've quit the habit several years before the birth. Hence, it is best to get rid of this habit, much before you plan to have a family.



When a father drinks, he is putting a high risk to his unborn child. Men who can't keep their paws off alcohol can give rise to increased malformations, growth retardation and behavioural anomalies in their offspring.


Drug Addiction

Drugs have a higher effect on the foetus and depending on the type of drug, the foetus can develop a lot of complications making it difficult for the mother as well.


Stress Is The Biggest Killer

Stress seems to play a major role in all our lives these days. Stress can cause infertility; and if there is a chance of the woman conceiving, due to the father's stress the woman can also have a miscarriage.


The Wrong Foods

Eating the right kind of diet is indeed important for both the man and woman. The wrong diet will have an effect on the birth development of the foetus, and this is harmful for the mother too.


Your Work Environment

The fathers who are exposed to solvents and chemicals in the workplace have a higher rate of bringing into this world offsprings that have birth defects. Workers like artists, cleaners, hairdressers, scientists, welders, metal and food processing workers are the ones who suffer the most.


Unhealthy Lifestyle

On the whole, an unhealthy lifestyle is dangerous again for the growth of the foetus in the womb. Fathers should watch what they eat. They should keep themselves fit and healthy, and a positive mind is another advantage of bringing into this world healthy offsprings.

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