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Tricks To Cure Sleeplessness In Pregnancy

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Sleeplessness during pregnancy, though uncomfortable, is in fact common. Do you know how an anticipating mother can deal with this problem?

Insomnia, generally, is the inability to sleep or stay asleep for quite a long time. This sleep disorder can be caused by a wide range of factors, and each of those causes require their own methods to finally counter and cure insomnia.

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Insomnia can be brought on by jet lag or altered work hours during certain days. It might be induced because of body pain or disorders like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which may at times cause spontaneous vomiting even whilst the person is fast asleep.

Tips For Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Nightmares and sleep walking might also bring about insomnia, as can mental disorders like mania or phobias do. External factors like ingestion of stimulants, dehydration and a lack of exercise might also contribute to insomnia.

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Insomnia during pregnancy can be caused by a wide range of factors, which may or may not be related to the baby. As a pregnant mother undergoes the later phases of gestation, her abdomen will increase in size and carrying the kid may become uncomfortable at this stage.

10 Ways To Sleep Better When Pregnant

Some mothers can also suffer from back pain due to the baby's weight, leading further to sleepless nights. The weight of the baby that is exerted on the mother's urinary bladder can make her to urinate more frequently through the night, preventing her from staying asleep.

Tricks To Cure Sleeplessness In Pregnancy

Anxiety may also cause insomnia during pregnancy, and in fact this results in a vicious cycle. Since hormonal changes bring about insomnia during pregnancy, naturally a mother will frequently be awake during the night.

A mother will worry about her insomnia and will fear that it may harm her baby. This nervousness can further intensify insomnia, which then keeps adding to her fears.

You can try sleeping on your side

So how can pregnant women cope with insomnia during pregnancy? Due to the uncomfortable size, shape and weight of your belly, you might want to try new sleeping positions, which will not strain your back or cause you any discomfort or pain.

  • You can try sleeping on your side with a cushion or something soft under your belly.
  • You might also take a warm, soothing bath before you sleep, in order to unwind yourself completely.
  • Music might do some good here. Include natural sound accompaniments like twittering birds or the sound of the ocean crashing against the shore to get some quality sleep.
  • A low dose of carbohydrates in the night-time can also allow your brain to produce more serotonin, which can influence you to sleep better.

So, try these tricks in order to cure insomnia during pregnancy.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 26, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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